Melaleuca Products in the Treatment and Prevention of Head Lice Infestation

    There is no reason to "nit pick" any longer.  Follow these directions.  Repeat as necessary depending on the amount of time the infestations has been.  This may be up to five times over a ten day period.  If you have any questions, e-mail me.

1) Use 1/10th fluid ounce of T36C5 Melaleuca oil in dry hair.  Comb through hair thoroughly, starting at forehead and nape of neck.  Wrap hair with plastic wrap and leave for 30 minutes.  The Melaleuca oil will create a warming sensation on the scalp, and you will notice the strong tree oil scent.

2) WITHOUT removing the oil, spray the hair with "SOL-U-MEL" diluted 1 part in 6 of water, using a spray bottle.  This helps dissolve the adhesive the nits use to cling to the hair shaft.

3) Finally, Wash the hair thoroughly by lathering in Melaleuca's Natural Shampoo and, after allowing the combination of ingredients to stand for yet another 10 minutes, rinse the hair and comb out any remaining nits.

   A capful of Melaleuca's Spa & Bath Oil may be used along with step one.  This is especially helpful for people with long hair.  Simply work it through the hair.

    Well, that takes care of the hair...for now.  But what about the Lice that are on the sofa, pillows, mattresses, and clothing?  SOL-U-MEL again can be used to wipe down all surfaces you suspect the lice might have gotten on.  The product also kills dust mites, and is soothing to sunburns, and an assortment of skin irritations.
    Mela-Power detergent also contains Melaleuca Oil and Lice will stay away from your laundry if you use it.  It's an excellent environmentally sound product that competes price/load wise with the big name brands!!
    Continue using the Shampoo to keep the scent of the oil in your hair to keep lice away.  Use the Melaleuca Gold Bar on the rest of your body to keep all kinds of undesirable things off you, along with the Hydrating Skin Lotion.  Spray SOL-U-MEL in the hair any time you have been near a Lice infested person.