Welcome to my Laboratory....err, I mean bedroom (until 1985). 
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    Above is a view of the table I learned to build electronic circuits at, and performed many light mechanical chores growing up.  I took a liking to science at a very young age, and began exploring Chemistry books at the age of five.  I think I kind of frightened my classmates in a way, and it probably gave me some comfort because I was a pretty insecure guy in many ways.  But in any case, my love of Science opened the door for many rich experiences.
    People have a variety of motives for studying Science.  Many of the most useful discoveries in history have come, not through the careful and logical exploration, but rather by accident.  And I believe it has to do with the nature of the universe and human kind's desire to explore deeper than he has the ability to comprehend at any given time.  In any case, the universe is a rich treasure of complex and diverse yet strangely harmonious perceptions.  I call them perceptions because, well... that's what they are.  I mean, we really don't understand the fundamental nature of any of it.  And it should cause us to have a deep sense of awe for the one who created it.
    As we look more and more closely at "matter", we begin to see that it is mostly empty space.  Well, not empty space exactly.  Space in which there are magnetic and electric fields present for certain.  It would appear that there is no place in the universe that doesn't have a field present of some kind, that can actually alter the motion of something we perceive as an "object" or "bit of matter".  In places, the fields are tiny to say the least, but still, they are there; always changing.
    I enjoy observing the workings of nature, and gaining an appreciation for the artist that formed these works.  I enjoy using the tools this nature has provided for creating new art forms!  The ability to create artistic pieces that express our character is a great gift, and to make use of our understanding of the creation to create that art skillfully can be a great compliment to the creator of it all.  Science and Art work hand in hand.
    Science has also been used for some very strange things.  To create weapons that destroy people more efficiently.  Is it art?  You tell me.  To accumulate massive wealth in a world that has extreme poverty?  I don't think so.  I believe there is a science that is "pure".  It seeks knowledge NOT for the sake of knowing more than another person, so that we can be more popular, or get more wealth than them, or to even take what is theirs and destroy them.  Rather, it enjoys learning about nature because the creator can be better known by enjoying his works.  And it loves to create art which is a tribute to the one who made it all possible.