Kurzweil K2600 -1999

User Manual: K2600 or K2661
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Circuit Overview:
     An enhanced K2500

Service Tips:
     Recently had one that wouldn't proceed past the loading of the setup file or whatever after the VAST screen. Just kept saying "Please wait..." forever. Battery was 2.9V so figure something must have gotten corrupted. Oddly started happening after it was in a flood but I didn't see water damage inside so..not sure what caused it. But hitting 'Exit' before that point got us out in to the OS and it worked ok til I rebooted then same thing. I rebooted again and this time found the moment to hit Exit that got me into the setup menu right after the first screen a second or two. Anyway running then all went well and NVRAM1 test passed but said it had to reboot to test NVRAM2...however instead of giving me a prompt it just booted into the OS and was fine from then on! Puzzling.

Kurzweil Service Centers should have stock on all parts.