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     I service both vintage and modern amplifiers, keyboards, mixers, PA speakers and a variety of other equipment. I specialize in saving the customers eqipment from the scrap pile. I do this by often using my education and experience in both physics/electronics, and available materials. A large number of repairs have required fabrication. Of the thousands of things repaired here since 1999, only a few have run into problems that ran the repair bill to near the value of the item. Tired of getting reamed for hundreds of dollars to get the capacitors changed, pots and jacks cleaned PLUS having your valuable old tubes tossed (into the repairman's ebay cue) in favor of often inferior newer ones? Give me a try. I write a detailed invoice showing every technical detail for my future benefit and to let the customer know exactly what was done. Plus you are always invited to watch and learn! Labor rate is $45.00/hour.
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Authorized to service Ampeg, Audio Centron, Boss, Crate, Digitech/DOD, Fender, Kawai, Line 6, Korg, Marshall, Peavey, Randall, Roland, Vox, and Yamaha.
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The Old K5 editor/information and other obsolete stuff