Health products I've used

     The graphs below show some results I noted taking the basic Reliv products (alternating between now and the non-gmo classic that was going at the time as I recall. ) Reliv took some directions that weren't good. Introducing GMO stuff into some of their products. I don't advise being involved with the company per sey but I still get decent immune system results with their products. I've reduced my intake as of 2010 however because I'm supplementing with another product as detailed below.

Average Sickness Downtime/Year            Average Sleep Time Needed

Strong Allergy Reaction/year            Average sustainable vocal range

      Recently (2008) the friend who researched and got me on Reliv suggested another product. Pro-Argi~9+ is probably the best single product I've ever seen for overall health results. Numerous case studies have proven that this product will reverse things like heart disease and diabetes. L-Arginine is an amino acid that is instrumental in repairing cell wall damage which, I believe is incurred largely from Chlorine in water and the like. This amino doesn't last long in the body though and the scientist who developed this product figured out a way to complex it with L-Citrulline as I recall so that it will time release basically. Do your own research. It's a very economical product if it produces the kinds of results that have been documented in these studies at the High Desert Heart Inst. etc. Clearing up the circulation in this way prepares the way for any other supplement you are taking obviously. Look into it. Here is the link to the synergy site giving specs of this product I'm using. Contact me if you want to get a discount. I have no idea what the business plan is. I don't want to know at this point :-). You pay 25 dollars and you get a huge discount and it's a one time fee as I understand it. -Bob

Watch the VIDEOS on my friend's Pro-Argi~9 site or order Synergy Worldwide site and give them my number if you would 1279595 when you order. I rarely make anything because i just don't talk to enough people I guess but it has paid for the one time membership at least many times over. If you do the same I'm sure you'll in all likelihood at least save some on your product at least for telling people about this incredible product. I'm glad to report I STILL (as of 2016 now) have not been really badly ill one time since getting on this product. Zero cases of the flu. Minor sniffles / sneezing if I'm really stretched to the limit and not getting enough sleep a few times. Wow.

Also the last couple years I've been on and off with Dr. Wollack's Youngevity 'Beyond Tangy Tangerine' which is an excellent vitamin/mineral supplement. And a Closterum supplement another friend got me taking in pill form. He says I need to take a lot more. For some reason it's hard for me to take lots of pills. But I definitely notice a big boost while taking the BTT product. I need less sleep having a good supplement on top of the Pro-Argi~9 product which seems to single handedly keep the cell walls in shape so that they are not susceptable to virus penetration near as I can figure. Just my normal mediocre diet sometimes and at least I'm not always ill or having allergies. But my body definitely thrives on having the other supplements. I went without for a while and saw a need for and hour or so more sleep average. Oh also I had the 2000M Row down to 8:03 when i was taking it all. Hard to get 8:20 now. Hopefully can get back into that realm which is quite good for someone my age (good for a 20 some year old actually but real real good for me. And I'm not even a distance guy. I pray this info is a blessing to someone.