This page is a tool of reconciliation. Typically today, people claiming to be Christians deal with discord by simply ignoring the person that they have a problem with. Jesus of course commanded that if we remember any kind of thing between a brother (or sister obviously) then we should go to them and make it right BEFORE even offering gifts to HIM! God so values our relationships that he puts it above any gift we can offer him to make things right.

In the course of preaching and trying to offer correction at times, people's pride may be involved to the point where they can't think straight. They simply pursue making themself look right to the point of looking foolish. The internet presents a *twist* that wasn't present when Jesus commanded what he did in Matthew 18:15. We may make an effort to individually bring a sin to a person. But with the push of a button they can already have us on a block sender list! We may not be able to do that. So does this 'loophole' make Matthew 18:15 null/void? No. Obviously we use whatever means we can to bring the person to accountibility so that they don't wind up going to hell because they were deceived about the nature of salvation. So many don't understand that they cannot REMAIN in their sin. If they do this Hebrews 6 and 10 outline a scenario that lets us know there is no more sacrifice for our sin in this case. We can't stay there. We have to grow in relationship to him and truly REPENT (turn a 180) of our sin! Not just turn away from it for a while because we're tired of *that* sin for now.

In fact if we don't repent then we can't even be saved. God sees the idols in our heart. And he won't come in and sup with us so to speak in our heart unless we rid our heart of those idols. See the scenario of GOd departing from the temple because it became a house of idols! It says in Acts 2 that salvation is by repenting and THEN being immersed into the name/character of Jesus. Isaiah 1 likewise tells US to wash the blood from our hands. Not to ask God to do it. We must make a choice first to be sorry for our sin to the point that we turn from it.

Anyway here is a running list of people who present themselves as Christians. Particularly teachers, moderators of groups etc. But who have been confronted with their sin and they avoided dealing with it or whatever. Many of these people committed acts of hatred towards me but I don't care about that. I'm just following what Matthew 18:15 says and I'm letting the church know SINCE the sin has already been established by witnesses. I only include things where a link to the actual event is available.

Mike Furches

Mike Furches- I don't really understand Mike. We had a disagreement about the use of Romans 13. IN the thread below he was preaching that this would imply that we should fall behind the new president as though he's a magistrate. Read the thread. It's a humdinger. I pray that Mike would repent but at the moment he's too clouded for whatever reason to want to reason. His response was rather to ridicule me and ignore me.

This election Thread from Myspace.

Faith On Fire?

Also in the same group, the moderator responded to the situation of disagreement by banning my profile! I re-entered the group under my other profile because for all I know I was accidently banned. But it's obvious now he did it on purpose. It was odd because I'd just asked him to remove a flagrantly wrong post by 'Baby Jesus' but he left it and banned me instead! THen I looked at his profile and I see why. This young guy has been sold the 'sloppy agape' gospel. Read the statement on his profile:

Stephen Dela Cruz myspace profile. Hey I have sin too Stephen. We all do. But that's not the point. I can't say I lie because well I haven't done it for many years. However think a lustful thought? I've fallen into that trap many times over the years being a single. And it's a sin that really takes a lot of faith to beat because you can't see the immediate ramifications of it. Like with a lie where it's like "Ok I lied and now the holy spirit won't leave me alone and I have to go make things right with the people I lied to...." and you wind up looking foolish and so you don't lie any more :-). It's that simple. If you really have the holy spirit convicting you then you simply get over that pretty quick! Like when I was 6 or 7 in my case. In the case of a lustful thought it's hard to see who else it's hurting UNTIL you get sufficient faith to KNOW that God has a purpose for you and you are ruining it by turning your attention towards an IDOL!

Anyway I hope that eventually Stephen will come to understand this and leave behind the other Gospel that he's been taught from wherever. Right now he's running a group and this poor perspective caused him to think that it's appropriate to just act like a dictator and kick me out for nothing more than disagreeing with someone (and then getting attacked by a bunch of people from the guy's friend's list as you see in the related thread above in Mike Furches.

Another strange myspace interaction happened in this group called Followers of the Lord. Now understand that we're dealing with a girl here who is not real mature. Whent he distress below was occurring she all the sudden started changing her photograph on the group as though to say "c'mon guys! Get the attention back where it belongs...on MEEEE!" Oh Lord. Help us. Anyway if you look back a long ways you'll find a thread where I'm talking with her about dealing with some of the trolls who come into the group. All the sudden I get attacked by a woman named yms4yeshua who says 'dont' listen to him' and then accuses me of various things. I note that this whole thing has to do with a thread from Clint's group regarding the evil nature of various sexual perversions. I'm immediately attacked for my stand by various people and this woman even said that if I didn't change my teaching then I'd become like these other people who she knew who taught this...and noted that all of them lost both their lives AND their ministries! Boy..that's tough. IT's bad enough to lose your life. But..your ministry too! Wow what a bummer :-).

Obviously there are a lot of mentally not...quite right people on myspace. But if only they would repent I believe they'd all be healed really. The Lord commands us to be of sound mind and I really don't believe anything can stop us from doing that if we truly repent and trust in him. I've seen it many times. But anyway I brought forth the documentation from that thread when she accused me of lying about that. And immediately I was kicked out. And then a lot of people gloated over their 'victory' in my absence, including Michael who I had some of the strangest conversations with. A lot of 'ho ho brother you are just being rebuked by the Lord' instead of acknowledging his sin of stabbing me in the back in that group and saying "Not all who claim to be Christians are" in response to the wicked people who were gloating about my removal.

One body of Christ experiment

And Facebook.com is overrun with the same spirit. The group One Body of Christ experiment is moderated supposedly by a fellow from Massachussets named Andrew Sears (MIT it says...Morons in transition? This person lists himself as creator and now says 'do not email' by his name..hmm.. right after I emailed what..twice wondering why no reply? Anyway I think that's a pretty clear statement that the experiment failed :-) When the creator no longer wants any contact from people. ). The teeny bopper Rakeisha he left in charge apparently kicked me out when the atheists and 'Christians' who are despising Matthew 18:15 and particularly homosexuals etc. rallied against me. Not a word from the person though I'd tried to talk to them prior. I got one 'blow off' reply from them at first. But this snobbery is typical. Not a lot of Christians seem to be given moderation priveledges. We wouldn't want *that* now would we?

LifeChurchTV.com The group 100,000,000 Christians worship God (which sounds like an outrageous over estimate to me...) is actually moderated supposedly by people including Bobby Gruenewald of Lifechurchtv.com whose office I called in attempt to see what in the world is going on there. I got the typical nice secretary assuring me that Bobby is a man of God etc. But his protocol in attempting to communicate is not Godly. Here is a thread that I reconstructed to try to simply ask them if they advocated people cursing at others and preaching anti-Christ doctrine (the usual things...) who were not open to reason was beneficial for the group. I cited the scriptures asking us to not even bring someone with another gospel into our house! And noted how philosophically anywhere that we have dominion over that others can potentially be built up in is a house! And if we default on that duty of administering who has right there, then the blood of those led astray int he process could be on our heads!

Here is my closing comment on the group:

I can't respect moderation when they remove a thread where all I'm doing is asking them if they believe it's of benefit to leave people in here who are cursing and preaching anti-christ doctrine and aren't even willing to reason with others. WHY CAN THEY NOT JUST ANSWER ME? I'm over it. I quit. I spoke the truth and was treated rudely. And I'm on to the next place the Lord will lead.

I can't believe the flagrant snobbery in the name of Christ. I mean they took time to update their header and say 'we reserve the right to remove threads..." and some note about if they don't edify the body. Well how did my thread NOT attempt to edify the body? Such people will be held accountable if they do not repent for the lives of those spiritually molested in environments like this. After my resignation my friend Marion posted this which sums it up nicely:

Hi Robert - I am sorry for the way you have been treated on this forum. I was treated the very same, and by all the same people and their fake names too. That is why I hardly ever post here any more.

The admins are worse than useless. All the trolls and the verbally abusive people who were banned have all come back in again, and with even more fake identities than ever. It's a waste of time and energy.

The group should be called "100 Million Trolls and Non-Believers Worship Their False Gods".

God bless you my brother.
-------------------------- Thanks sister for that comment. I pray that conviction falls on the people responsible for allowing this kind of thing. They could so easily DISCERN and appoint Godly moderators. Well now the trolls can troll each other. If I don't have Godly support from moderators then I'm violating the *real* intent of a group by just being there. -Bob