Christian Psychology?

     This issue came up in a Facebook thread in the "I love Jesus" group. Here's the answer I posted.

People can put the 'Christian' label on anything. We have 'Christian homosexuals' for crying out loud..supposedly :-)

Let me explain some things here. FIRST a person gets a psychology degree and the world calls them a psychologist if they open up shop. THEY MAY OR MAY NOT choose to employ the principles they learned in school...they may PURELY use the bible and still be called a 'Christian Psychologist'...let...the reader of the bible judge.

Anyway that disclaimer out of the way, let's think. What is psychology? It's an observation based pseudo-science. I say 'pseudo' because the results that conclusions are based on aren't necessarily REPEATABLE in all cases!! Hence no foundational principles are truly being addressed by it. Hence it's not a *real* science as it exists today.

Furthermore, the results it bases it's conclusions are are DRAWN FROM PEOPLE DEDICATED TO REMAINING IN THEIR SINS. Why? Because that's where most people are. Read the bible. There's always only a tiny remnant who cry out to God and who allow him to cleanse them from their sins!!

Therefore we are looking at a pseudo-science designed to manipulate *results* out of people without a real heart change. In other's a worthless pile of you know what. Their results are only surface.

The bible holds all the answers. How do we stop being depressed? REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS AND AGAIN I SAY REJOICE! We CHOOSE to focus on the one who is the source of ALL JOY!

And if we don't have a real relationship with him such that this is possible...the bible tells us also how to establish one! STOP forging on ahead as though WE have the answers...humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord. REPENT of taking part in the tree of the knowledge of what is good/evil for ourselves! Seek him and he WILL BE FOUND!

The bible isn't 'iffy'. It doesn't say 'maybe you'll find him'. No if you truly humble your heart you WILL find him. It's a guarantee! He will resist the proud. No doubt about it. Not MAYBE he'll resist the proud. He *will* resist he proud. And the heart is deceitful and wicked above all things. So people can even fool themselves into believing they aren't proud. But it doesn't matter. God sees the heart it continues to say in Jer 17:9 -xx

Etc. The bible holds a complete solution for all of man's problems. Psychology is absolutely worthless and is only a pseudo-science that helps the WORLD COPE WITH THEIR DEDICATION TO REMAIN IN SIN.