Public insurance. Health care/retirement etc.

---------A letter to a facebook conservatives group---------

Ronald and I have discussed this some. I personally believe the smaller countries who socialized medicine seems to work to some degree in are propped up some. Probably by the world bankers who know there is a lot of money to scam if the US with 10X the population of Canada goes socialized.

Nobody really knows the cost, as the Canadians tell me. So seems a likely/typical stunt to me. But regardless free market DRIVES efficiency so long as there is trust busting that is effective. It's the way all the great advances IN medicine happened historically!

But currently in America nobody is turned away for things that would save their life unless they are inordinately expensive or an organ isn't available for transplant etc.

Now let's talk about 'inordinate expense'. See...we've developed the technology to do things to keep people alive as long as you keep pouring money into them often. Their quality of life is nil. But we can keep them alive. :-)

So where do we draw the line? In the free market system people with money to pay for expensive procedures can do them if they so will. It's their money. Why not?

On the other hand should EVERYONE be given this same treatment? Answer? Whether or not anyone thinks they should it's IMPOSSIBLE. A society can't survive with everyone giving old people 24/7 life support :-) I mean literally the whole society would have to get into health care eventually.

So no in a socialized system you have to draw the line somewhere.

Now I personally being a Christian can't be yoked together in any kind of public insurance. It's a violation of the command the apostle gave to not be yoked with unbelievers. But it also violates a basic religious freedom principle. God wants the glory. And to get it, he has to be able to call his people out like he did Israel from Egypt! Out to the desert they went with no visible means of support. And surely the people who God had already miraculously delivered them *from*..were mocking saying (with their first born buried out back...) "Oh this God has no power to deliver them from starvation". But he did.

Glory TO GOD!

Likewise today he might call a group or individual to come out from support systems of a country. HERE IN THE US, a place FOUNDED largely on Christian principles...will we so quickly say "Oh ok. Make a system where everyone is compelled to have a support system that is public"

Social security already does that. I refuse to be part of it. Shoot me. I won't be part of it. I take a vow of poverty and don't pay taxes because I don't make enough to pay anything anyway. So that's the way I get out of it. But this country has done WICKEDLY by allowing a system that forces people into that if they WORK! How utterly satanic!

God will have the glory in my life. Not society. Woe to those who put their trust in man. -Bob