Music Equipment for Sale

Freshly reconditioned gear!

    Ampzilla 300W/ch RMS stereo amp! Just worked over but lack diagrams to bias/offset adjust. Techs only!   -$300

  Old Radios (now a 1947 Wards Airline portable, and RCA victor wood AM table top) -$45 ea.

   Yamaha G-100B-212 Heavey duty solid state amp, 2 channel.  Very nice sound. Very loud. -$250

   Seymor Duncan Convertible 100Wrms (4 EL34's and 5 modules to config preamp!) -$550

   Sound Tech 6 channel powered mixer head/reverb w/ 100W rms output. Nice for small easy setups. Two 8 ohm outs. $149

   JVC DAT deck, model XD-Z507 in good working shape. Comes with one tape and has a few scratches but decent enough. $149

     Inquire about PA equipment on consignment from  Sound Doctorin'