What is the Soul?

    We all know these words.  "I've got this feeling way down in my soul".  "Soul food".   "Soul music".  "...fire deep down in my Soul".   But what do we really know about the soul?
    What are the parts of our beings that we can describe?  We perceive the flesh most easily because it's form is immediately perceived by our senses which feed information to our brain.   The brain in and of itself has no properties outside the descriptions of the physical universe.  But the Soul?
    I believe that when people speak of the soul, they are most commonly referring to something which shares properties from the physical and spiritual.  Perhaps it would be good to consider the body the "house", the soul the "furnishings" and "facilities" which give the house a character for the spirit which would be the "occupant".  Not a perfect analogy by any means, but something which works in many ways.
    The soul, it would appear from the bible, can be saved or destroyed.  I believe it is the thing which makes each of us unique beings spiritually.  God created us in his "image", and that spiritual nature was transferred to us which gave us the ability to make our own choices.  The soul then, takes on character as the spirit makes those choices, and they work hand in hand.
    Now, let's consider this theory in sight of the thought that we are made in God's image.  God has revealed through history as recorded in the bible and other books his character.  (And no, I am not saying he has done this through just any old book, like the Gospel of Thomas for instance, which is no doubt a total deception.)  We all know about the son, Jesus Christ, who it is recorded was the spirit of God in the flesh of a man.  What we see therefore as unique in Jesus Christ, is a physical body that has been properly treated just like ours should be.  (Treated well by him, not the sinful world which put him to death.)
    The entity we refer to as the holy spirit, I believe, would be the "soul of God" in that the character is fully contained therein.  The character of perfect love.  The God head or the "Father" possesses all power and knowledge and the ability to make choices it seems from scripture.  All those choices, for him, are based on the spirit of love; his character.
    Perhaps a thought has already occurred to you.  "If I begin in life without a developed character, and I was made to have a character which would dictate the choices that I make in my spirit, isn't this kind of ..... BROKEN?"   I'm glad you asked that question.  Yes it is.  And it is not the way we were intended to be.  Each of us indeed does have a void in our life that was meant to be filled by the holy spirit.  In the book of 1st John, we read that "God is love.  Those who know God know love.  Those who do not know God, do not know love."   Pretty straight forward.  People imagine that they know how to love, but if they have pushed away God's hand of love, you can be assured that something else is at their foundation.  And their soul is broken.  And it will continue to spiral in its vanity until destruction occurs unless the spirit of love is allowed to enter into the mix.
    If you read this today and understand, ask the spirit of God to begin a relationship with you.  He will begin to put the right desires in your heart.  If you humble your spirit, you will be able to save your soul and develop it in the way God had intended; to also be formed in his image rather than perverted by the unnatural separation from his spirit we have all experienced.