In each of us lies
an "inalienable right".  It
is the right to make choices.
I remember talking to my dad
as a child, and wondering about
my nature.  I expected him to have
all the answers I guess.  But my dad
did with his life what he could not
express with mere words.  He
gave his life away for me and for
my mom and sisters.  He followed
the example of Christ who gave up
his life for all of us including my dad.
God made us in his image.  Unique,
but each posessing the same ability
to make chioces.  And the ability to
have a relationship with God's spirit
and to live with him forever.  I hope
to see you there.  And if you never
had a dad like mine, I hope I can
talk to you some day and maybe
share some of the love he gave to
me by providing for me, encouraging
me in the good things I had in my heart
to do, teaching me to work with my hands,
and even taking a few peeks through the
telescopes we built at the beauty God has
laid all around us.  If you've felt discouraged
in your spirit, take time to pray to God who is
our spiritual father.  He was not afraid to come
to earth and live right here among us, to work
with his hands, and to die at the hands of people
like us.   He wants to be much more than my
father could ever be to me.  And he promises
that anyone who will leave their family here
for him will enter into a much richer one.
 Unless a seed dies....