Teaching on various bible related topics

Below, I've included a variety of topics that point to some text I've written related to these things.  They are rather "random" in selection, yet I see them all as very pertenent topics for many today.  I hope you find something here that challenges you or helps you see more clearly.

Mary, the CO-REDEEMER?          What is the Bible Code?    A  Story about going the hard way!

 How to literally Lay Down The LAW!     How to be led by theHoly Spirit.

 Nathan's prophecy about the house of God      Tithing and the modern church.

 Assembling Together!      The Pastoral Heresy    Lord, Help me do Your Will!

 The Futility Theorem     Origin of the Universe   Predestination!  Is God "outside" of time? Who says?

God's authority       The Mark of the Beast      Abortion    You basic sex talk

 Will there be Cult members in heaven?    Christmas and other holidays revealed.