1)  Would you view the overall state of mankind as

    a) Fairly good.  A few bad apples in the bunch.
    b) Average.  About an even mix, but good shall triumph!
    c) Perfect!  Who could ask for anything better?
    d) Completely depraved.  Nobody has a seed of hope left in them.
    e) Dismal.  Very few who have experienced a change from their selfish nature.
    f) Desperate for more good  reading on this topic!

2)  How do you view the Church of America as a whole?

    a) Apathetic, philosophically resembling a dirty slush ball.
    b) Very warm and concerned about the state of those outside the church.
    c) Mostly interested in running a business.
    d) Alive and well, though many people don't recognize it.
    e) Same as a) and c), but add "isn't that how the church is supposed to be?"
    f) I don't know!   What is the  church?

3)  Do you believe sharing God's truth boldly is a good idea in today's world?

    a) YES.  By all means, cram it down anyone's throat possible.
    b) What do you mean "God's truth"?  None of us can know that for certain, so how can we act like it?
    c)  If we wait on the spirit for leading, we should boldly share what he lays on our hearts to share wherever he leads.

4)  How can one know if someone else is saved?

    a) We are not to judge anyone elses spirituality. 
    b) Do they pay tithe and go to church?
    c) If they have prayed the sinners prayer and been
immersed in water...preferrably very cold water...then they're in!
    d) We are asked to judge every spirit whether it
be from God or not. If a person is walking in relationship with God
then they are not saved.

More to come!  Send questions you'd like to see posted. -Bob