Station 1- Dolch lunchbox w/DOS, 2.8G PC/monitor

The Dolch lunchbox currently houses an old 5x86 (enhanced 486 basically)133mhz cpu as I recall. It runs DOS and allows me to read CD's for data or floppys :-). I'm running Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold which includes a nice librarian for organzing sound banks on many of the classic synths in my studio. Yes I know I could upgrade but I'm used to it and it works great for producing in MIDI. The computer ALSO has two voyetra V-24S interfaces which allow me to access 8 MIDI ports for 8 X 16 channels of instrument control without counting key zone assignments on machines that will support that. ONE midi line is a sync to the PC I use for recording audio. Nothing glorious again but it gets the job done. I have an Alesis IO4 interface if I need to multi track but most of my work is done just through the Audigy interface.