Akai a professional recording equipment manufacturer decided to enter the synth market fairly late in the game. They built some solid products, but nothing really very original that has come to my attention. Still some great sounding analog polyphonics that tend to be fairly affordable now. Their real niche' came in the sampling market though. They produced some impressive rack and keyboard based samplers through the years; many even from the 80's that still find use in pro studio settings today from what I hear.


AX-80 AX-60 AX-73/VX-90 VX-600 S900 S1000 S2000 S3000 X3700 X7000

Akai professional can be reached at 626-794-0052 and do support some aspects of some products still. Or visit Akai Service.

Akai AX60 AX73 VX90 AX80 VX600 S-900 S-1000 S-2000 S-3000 X-3700