People/Businesses to avoid doing business with!

(Note: contact me if you'd like to be removed and if you've cleaned up your act, as evidenced by reimbursing what your negligence has cost others and I'll gladly do so). EBAY.COM

EBAY IS A SCAM! (yes you've heard it claimed..but listen to this folks.)

I've been seeing troubling things for a long while. I've had 550 or so feedback 100% positive the whole way except one I had to get them to remove where someone wanted to use a weird payment method I didn't authorize and they just left me bad f/b for not going along with it. The respect I've gotten of late has been abysmal to say the least. But quickly let's recount some history. When I first started using ebay I quickly figured that I needed to snipe to win anything. I won 5/6 things for quite a while using two browser screens and updating one then launching the bid on the other in the last 10 seconds :-). DURING that time we could actually SEE the people bidding. Know that they had actual feedback scores and we could mail and talk to them. Someone once sent me a mail after an auction...I think for the JP4 I have today saying "Beat me by 1.50 in the last 2 seconds...very nice...." hhaa.

Anyway a new era came upon us where ebay decided to block identity of the people bidding. This opened up a HUGE avenue for potential corruption. eg. ebay's controllers could install s/w in their system that would monitor incoming bids in the last seconds of the auction. It could insert in the reported results at the end a 'phantom' non-existent bidder now to bump the auction up to within a few dollars of the maxium of the highest bidder. In DOING so 1) Ebay would never win the auction obviously and 2) they WOULD gain in the final value fees on every auction their automatic script did this one. Making millions of dollars doing absolutely nothing. So for example a person bidding 120.00 max on an item that was setting at 45.00 and at the last instant the person submits their 120 bid...ebay's machine sees that and by the time the user updates to read the results they've already inserted a phantom bidder who didn't exist bidding 118.50 ! So that's another 75.00 on the item total that otherwise wouldn't have been assessed against the seller. BUT THE SELLER IS HAPPY! They made an extra 75..and ebay made an extra 7.50 or whatever! So in case of disputes ebay chose to make the BUYER happy! That way.EVERYONE IS HAPPY RIGHT? WIN WIN? the buyer was just illegally fleeced of 75.00.

OK THE QUESTION IS..did the stoop to actually doing this? Well right after the policy change I noticed that suddenly my years long pattern of usually winning things with plenty of headroom to spare on my top snipe bid... I SUDDENLY WAS WINNING EVERYTHING BY 1.50 or like that!!! It was BIZARRE how it happened every time for a while! started getting intermittent as if they figured out 'hey we're going to get caught if we don't mix it up a bit' so they made the s/w distribute how it bumped the bids more intermittently.

Ok make what you will of that bit of info. TODAY THOUGH I am TOTALLY DONE with ebay for another reason. (Until they issue an apology and about 350 usd to make up for the HORRORIBLE TIME WASTING THINGS THEY UNLEASHED ON ME.) Prior to my Oregon trip first I bought a camera a memory card reader and a borescope. The Chinese vender sent the 7.00 borescope. In a flimsy little pack. IT worked great and they told me the other stuff was on the way but when i checked it all showed that it already had arrived in that pack! When it became evident the the vender was running a game and they were just blowing me off, I involved ebay and they put me through bloody PAIN to get the money back on the 58.00 order. I told them I'm not shipping the borescope back to china at my expense. I've already tested it and it works fine but it's only 7.00 plus some small fraction of the shipping I was charged so please keep 12.00 is fine and send the rest back to me. Utterly ridiculous they SUPPORT these people running games like this. But it took way more time than what it was worth to get that back. OK RIGHT ON TO THE DEATH NAIL.

While still trying to get this completely sorted on my vacation in Cali, I purchased a Freeman String Symphonizer from Tom D'Amico and pay the 37.00 for the busted instrument that I'm supposed to pick up from him. He immedicately cancels the auction and I ask why and he side "ebay did it not me! " Well that was a lie and to make a long story short he did every tactic imaginable including hanging up in my ear, giving functionally fake address info (failed to give the lot number in a trailer court.. so that UPS Store wandered trying to find it and finally gave up). Anyway when he said "oh this is too much trouble I'm just cancelling the whole thing" was alike 'WHAT? I'm the only one who's gone through Trouble here TOM.... ' AND he proceeded to block me on facebook..then unblock me when I began exposing what he'd done... then curse at me til I blocked him...then curse at me in repeat ebay emails!

Now when I reported this to ebay they did nothing. In fact they let him REPOST the ITEM!...and wait...he said "SOUNDDOCTORIN WAS A NON-PAYING BIDDER". LOL! YES! HE UTTERLY LIED and EBAY DID NOTHING ABOUT IT WHEN I REPORTED IT til the last minute when they token pulled down the auction..but then he just REPOSTED IT AGAIN WITH THE SAME LIE!!!!! And again they did nothing and I finally just wrote him saying "LOOK, I wouldn't want the keyboard now. I'd be afraid there are meth fumes on it". I KID YOU NOT! I didn't curse like Tom or say 'eat excrement and die' like Tom said in my ebay mail! But... FOR THAT (And I'd never received any 'if you communicate with him you'll be blocked' warning from ebay...) I was BANNED FOR 7 DAYS BY EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to order a scope when I was on another trip now and found out i couldn't. I talked to them and they just acted belligerent so..we're done folks til they apologize and restore me for all the time they wasted. My 550 feedback name has been SHAMED THROUGH UTTER LIES by a liar with 27 feedbacks since 2002! This SHOULD BE A LIBELOUS SLANDER CHARGE. If anyone wants to take up the case let me know. I made a lot of my living for years on ebay but not and craigslist are all I use. This criminal organization needs to GO DOWN!

I have a theory as to why Ebay favored this hoodlum nobody over me. A friend on facebook knows him and says he's an atheist. I bet he found out I'm a Christian and he knows someone in ebay that conspired to purvey this hate crime against me. More details below on Tom D'Amico incident including a facebook conversation quote. PS COMICALLY Tom finally lowered the price to $100. Somebody bought it so Tom made (assuming he actually let them pick it up this time) 63 extra for all his lying/evasion etc. I'd have tipped him that if he'd just treated me decently.

Synths 'n Stuff (Joep Pennings of Netherlands. Doesn't seem too experienced...9 ebay feedbacks and a f/b page)

I spent hours trying NOT to do this. But his last mail to me reveal he apparently did NOT hit 'spam' button on me in midst of our transaction as seemed to be the case. Apparently he was torturing ME for offering 'at your risk cheaper shipping'. USPS has recently made nothing 'cheap' at all. 24.50 usd for a customs #. 60 some usd for any tracking. As many of you know I've offered same pr bushings at lower prices for many years. Joep wanted 1000 but revealed after paying he needed tracking. My ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS he wasn't following. From April 1 when I disputed his belief that registered mail had tracking he seemed to not be seeing most/all of what i wrote. you decide! BUT HE DID on April 7 or 8 (I noticed it on 8th when i got back on) open a case on paypal which i tried to get him to close since it was fraudeulent basis (that i'd failed to send! Before he funded me to buy tracked shipping he was now insisting on!) WHEN I FINALLY REALIZED ON the 14th that maybe he'd hit 'spam' on the 1st... I HIT 'RESPOND' on his bogus paypal case and noted i suspected that is what happened! Logged in next day; saw no evidence of a case anymore. I'd hoped he'd comp. me for hours this cost me...but after seeing email i'll show you at end, I decided to just full refund and show everyone this instead.

Ok let's start w/ his April 14 reply when i finally thought to look him up on facebook; thinking possibly he wasn't reading my emails:

I WROTE TO 'Synths 'n stuff' _---about to leave a review detailing how you lied to paypal re: me. fix

------HE REPLIED (Then blocked me like a dope ) TUE 4:02 PM (April 14, 2020)

Hi Robert, good to hear from you...after two weeks not replying to my emails. I was waiting for your reply and was wondering why you didnt reply. I offered to pay more for shipping but you didnt reply on my proposal, nor you didnt offer any other solution. And because my customers didnt want to wait longer and cancelled their order, and because you didnt offer me a solution for safe shipping and didnt reply on my emails I decided to cancel my order for now which I wrote to you and Paypal. I am completely in my right. And now you write me a pm and threaten me with writing a stupid review. How pathetic and unprofessional is that? Please go ahead and waste your energy and make a complete fool of yourself. I dont give a shit. The only one who can solve this is you, by refunding me.

Chat Conversation End

OK now comparing that to our email transcript you can see that either he's lying OR he hit 'spam' accidentally on april 1.

-------My email box- (first lines only ..i'll expand as need in notes following)

Wed, Mar 25, 2:33 AM
Dear Sound Doctorin', I would like to place an order. Hopefully ordering and international shipping is still possible under the extreme current situation. Thank

Robert Weigel

Wed, Mar 25, 11:48 AM
Yes, we can do that for you. As far as i know usps is still delivering... They raised 1st class to 24.50 usd now... 10.00 more!!? So 304.50 plus any currency xc


Wed, Mar 25, 3:30 PM
Hi Robert, thank you for your quick reply. I will pay by Paypal in US Dollars. Can you send me a Paypal invoice to, or do you want me to ma

Robert Weigel

Wed, Mar 25, 3:37 PM
you can just send it...invoice got me penalized last time for xchange still i think.. micky mouse system...
Robert Weigel

Wed, Mar 25, 3:38 PM
i'll put your wires on my pages! that's good news. i have some spares here.

AttachmentsFri, Mar 27, 4:20 AM
Hi Robert, I will do the payment next week, around wednesday. Is this address also the Paypal address? Thanks for doing some promo for me. I added a photo to th

Tue, Mar 31, 3:27 AM
Hi Robert, A minute ago I made the payment for the 1000 pcs pratt Read bushings. I added 4% on the total (including shipping) for paypal fees. Please send to th

Robert Weigel

Tue, Mar 31, 6:52 PM
Thanks, i'll get it out asap!

Robert Weigel

Tue, Mar 31, 7:23 PM
usps is still saying 'first class not avail. at this time' on usps. if i try printing label on paypal it wants 60 some usd!! If i take to PO all we get is customs number...


Wed, Apr 1, 7:05 AM (13 days ago)
Hi Robert, A tracking code and insurance is important for me because of the amount. Shipping without it is not an optiin for me. Are there alternatives possible

Robert Weigel

Wed, Apr 1, 12:19 PM (13 days ago)
i never get requests for the spendy methods so i'd have to research. usps has 'registered mail' for another 15usd or so i think. 'slow but sure' basically. not


Wed, Apr 1, 1:42 PM (13 days ago)
Registered shipping is ok. If I am correct its with tracking. I need to sign when I accept the package at delivery. No problem to send $15,- or a bit more. If i

Robert Weigel

Thu, Apr 2, 11:35 AM (12 days ago)
I thought they had no tracking on reg.'s from their faq; Tracking Registered Mail Registered Mail (domestic and international) service and Registered


Sat, Apr 4, 5:10 AM (10 days ago)
Hello Robert, any news? Thanks. Joep Aan: info 

Robert Weigel

Sat, Apr 4, 11:43 AM (10 days ago)
like i say looks like no tracking. just delivery confirm. is that ok?

Robert Weigel

Sat, Apr 4, 11:44 AM (10 days ago)
if so just send another 15usd to cover it...

Robert Weigel

Tue, Apr 7, 8:34 AM (7 days ago)
trying to go on a short trip today...any chance we can decide on what to do on this?


Tue, Apr 7, 9:23 AM (7 days ago)
Hello Robert, For now I would like to cancel the transaction. Could you please refund my payment. I will order again at a later moment. Thank you. Best regards,
Robert Weigel

Wed, Apr 8, 12:16 PM (6 days ago)
why'd you open a case? Don't waste my time just ask...

Robert Weigel

Wed, Apr 8, 12:27 PM (6 days ago)
I told you i was on a trip. Cancel case so i don't have BS on my record

Robert Weigel

Wed, Apr 8, 10:15 PM (6 days ago)
wth are you thinking? I give free tech help galore to non-customers. i go on a trip...after telling you and you LIE and say i failed to send merchandise?

Robert Weigel

Wed, Apr 8, 10:18 PM (6 days ago)
you have two choices. Take this off my record now , get your money back NOW.... or wait til 28th the paypal way and never order from me again. got it? Don't do


Sat, Apr 11, 2:57 AM (3 days ago)
Hello Robert, I hope your fine. Since our last contact the 1st April I didnt hear from you. I sent you seveeal emails, the last email with a request for refund

Robert Weigel

Sat, Apr 11, 11:11 AM (3 days ago)
you lied to paypal. I DID NOT fail to send. I was waiting for you to tell me what method/pay for it. YOU DO NOT file dispute. I'm going to need compensation for

Robert Weigel

Sat, Apr 11, 11:18 AM (3 days ago)
ps and go pay more money in the future. I will not deal w/ deceitful people. IF YOU EVER ordered /sent anything overseas, you know no tracking for 15 usd.... gi

Robert Weigel

6:56 PM (3 hours ago)
like i don't have friend's who'll leave f/b for me. real mature. ok on my page of infamy you go...whole 9 yards. you earned it.. if p/p lets me rightfully keep keep wage for time you cost hopefully it'll get you to read....  I TRIED to make this impossible to miss

AND it'll all be posted...whole conversation so all can see.    nobody reads your irrelevant banter.  Because you ignored THIS LINE

"I __________________ (fill in your name) will take full responsibility for the type of shipping I select. IF I choose to not ask for/pay for registered mail or some other tracked service then I recognize there is no guarantee of deliver and will absorb the full cost of item if lost" 

Robert Weigel 

6:57 PM (3 hours ago)

to info
ps i forgot they raised...24.50 i meant...

------------------------------------- end of segment i posted on facebook to reveal he'd possibly stopped seeing my mails on april i expanded last mail i did for clarity on that one. i think rest is good for following essential info to make the points..

OK SO I FULLY expected to see 'oh my... i'm sorry i hit 'spam' accidentally'. BUT NO! He's hiding from my public exposure on facebook. And he sends THIS EMAIL

-000-------------completion of my email communication to today april 16th-----

Apr 15, 2020, 6:22 AM (1 day ago)

to me

In an email you asked me if I am prepared take responsibility for a non tracked shipment and I replied am not prepared. Simple. I am not planning to lose more than $300,- on a lost USPS shipment. I only trust shipments which have tracking and for which I need to sign, especially when the amount is this high and because the chaotic current situation. Besides that, guaranteeing a save shipment is your responsibility. If you cannot guarantee that I have every right to cancel the transaction and ask for a full refund of my payment.

I saw your post on Facebook. It's full of lies. I paid you $ 24.5 for shipping not $ 15,-. You also didn't write me you were away for a day. If you thought I was going to react on this silly post I must disappoint you. I don't do public shit like this, I leave that to people who need to spread lies and the support of others to proof their "right".

I didn't file a claim (yet) on Paypal. I only asked for a refund because I was not confident that at this moment the package could be shipped savely for a reasonable price and on short term. As I explained I was planning to order again on a later moment. It was nothing personal just business. You made this personal and blew it out of proportions and start a soap which is very unprofessional and customer unfriendely, and by that ruined my confidence as a customer to do business with you again in future. I expect a voluntary full refund of you today. If not done by tomorrow morning, I will start a claim. It is up to you.

Robert Weigel schreef op 15-04-2020 00:56: Robert Weigel

12:57 AM (11 hours ago) are you hearing me again?

Robert Weigel

12:59 AM (11 hours ago)

to info paypal had this lock notice on my acct.. full of lies? I FORGOT THEY'd RAISED 10 usd on shipping 1st class. irrelevant as i meant 'cheapest way'

Robert Weigel

1:01 AM (11 hours ago)

to info did you accidentally spam folder me or have you been seeing all my mail and LIED about me not answering 2 weeks?

------End of email box thread to april 16, 2020......I CONCLUDE

Ok so i asked if i'd been spam box'd accidentally via people on facebook, paypal...he still hasn't answered so...this guy is HORRIBLE. nuf said. More hours i'll never see. MY CRIME? Asking people to take responsibility for postal choices. I am not the post office! I'll ship anyway YOU like...i just won't offer insurance for people who do not pay for it. SIMPLE? No it fries socialist minds. lol

David Lee Bassett Doing work in MT for people has been amazing compared to my Oregon experiences. But I took on another on last trip ~8/19. David Lee Bassett who formerly played at the 'Organ Grinder' etc. had me fix up a doa Hammond L101 and Roland RD300S. I worked in his hot house, got him toilet paper, and was hit in the head with a stand pipe GOOD! And put a 7.00 thing of oil into it and did two trips from sellwood to 144th and Burnside twice to get the hammond working...then squealing... So about 60.00 of travel/parts and several hours including diagnosing the bad/shorting run capacitor and installing...AND fixing a badly bent bass pedal and volume pedal. I had him pay 145.00 for that... working like half my usual rate as he was pleading needy status; though he bought a 6 tier stand while I was there (where the pipe that hit me came from). I helped them get that in too a bit.

Anyway I told him the RD300S contact repair would be minimally 80 bucks. After he noted he wouldn't have money for a few days. And he waved me on to work AND dissassembled his hammond volume pedal 2X to get it right. The squeel lubed out finally and hammond was perfect, except I gave him my near empty contact cleaners to do the drawbars himself later also.... Anyway he'd left me when he had to gig to try to fix the RD. But the 12 contact pair strip had a missing one. I left a note but he was so ignorant he thought leaving the 12 tough to remove keys out meant I'd broken it worse. ACTUALLY I think he does this ignorant act to leverage an excuse not to pay his bill. Cuz I don't think anyone with all his gear can be that ignorant as to think it'd necessarily just be cleaning one contact after pulling one key. lol. But he woke up the elderly people I'm staying with when he got home. ... And I went to work next day looking for any local contact source....then any ebay, keyboard kountry, la synth...nobody had them but me in Montana. I tried an experiment w/e6000 and a contact disk like I sell, but the velocity wasn't right. W/ no extra for that experiment I was into it about another 150 on 2 more trips and 3 hours billable time min. But David after I got home and confirmed I could send contacts to Tim Hockstetler to finish up...he assured me he could get 'JP800' ones that work fine. hhaha...from a REAL expert. Neither JD800 nor JP8000 fit...btw. But he told me he thought he was all paid up when I asked him to pay the 150 when he could...and blocked me on facebook when I pointed out that he'd flagrantly lied. Jeremy Hansen also had his time wasted by this deadbeat. -Bob...who will take 220.00 to remove this one...

MR.BOZIDAR RISTIC The first fellow to stoop to having me send a package overseas avoiding registered mail fee with rare keys and then use paypal's failure to recognize customs numbers as proof of shipment to steal the keys and my shipping:


PHONE NUMBER ; 07590025570

Doing a search for his name also turns up a drug smuggling charge in Australia. Kind of a rare name isn't it? I'd guess that's him. Regardless this guy read my instructions and knows that he has to PAY for tracking if he wants it. He paid 7 dollars for half a dozen or whatever keys to be sent to England from US. And filed a complaint w/paypal after 13 days when I notified him it had been sent on June 12, 2010.

Jack Valentijn

Preface update! After telling me what is shown on the screen in the video, paypal FINALLY (Nov 14) gave me word that I'd gotten 180.00 back of the 267.00 Jack Valentijn heisted from me using his credit card company. So now I'm just out 6 sheets of contacts and a ton of time dealing with this derelict. And now my original words about the incident:

Second guy to pull the same sort of thing. This one is even more absurd. Jack Valentijn is trying to start a synth repair business in Netherlands. He orders 20 sets of my contact sheets for keyboard contact repairs. I figured 'well maybe he's just got..a lot of keyboards to repair..already...' Of course he asked where I SOURCED the material. I mean it's my invention. I sunk my time into making this a plausible product for this purpose. TO save vintage keyboards. And I think it's quite obvious why he asked. Jack procedes to pay 267.00 after I said I would ship for 3.30 minimally with no tracking obviously in three envelopes and HE (as is noted in my instructions of course but as should be morally obvious and I try to re-emphasize it to people whenever there seems to be question anyway) would assume responsibility if one gets lost. I know envelopes always get there so sending in three distributes the risk a lot plus let's us know there is a reliable address on the first one. I send 7, then 7 more then 6 to complete the order. He acknowledges getting the first two and claims the last didn't get there. All this time knowing he's not getting anything with delivery confirmation.

Then he asks for it after he claims the third didn't arrive. Proving him to be a blatant liar who was trying to steal my design on top of it all. He charges back the entire 267.00 which I'm still out as of 8/20/13 for a month or so. I pray that people will let him know this is not acceptable so I don't wind up having all this stolen. This is really the only recourse on an amount that isn't large enough to get interpol to do something probably. But Jack's being Jack for now. So if anyone wants to help Jack grow, write him, or whatever and try to bring him to reason on this. NEED PROOF? Here's the video documenting our email exchange - chargeback scam 101 This shows the run down of how this whole thing 'evolved' in our email exchanges.

ALSO there are RUMORS spread by Jack apparently that I received some PARTIAL REFUND! THIS IS INCORRECT. Here is the entire paypal record screen shotted from my computer (on months when fortunately I was on vacation a lot and thus not taking many orders. So it's easy to see the relevant information. WHich is that I was charged back 267.00 PLUS a 20 dollar fee from paypal! THen paypal realizing I'd been hosed...gave back the 20. Swell. Here's that SCREEN SHOT THINK ABOUT IT FOLKS. What MOTIVE would I have to ALIENATE a potential GOOD CUSTOMER over what? I offered to give him the other contacts at my loss for 50.00 to replace those lost. Why on earth would I alienate a potentially good customer running a synth repair business over 50 bucks EVEN IF I WAS CROOKED! THat's insane!

Meanwhile...Jack threatens *me* with police... proving that he indeed might be :-). His email is . Please let him know this kind of thing won't fly in the synth community.

Or write him to express your displeasure with this act:

Jack Valentijn
Duivenvoordestraat 28
2341 JE Oegstgeest
Netherlands (Obsolete addy... out of biz last i heard)

Anyway another reason paypal shouldn't be used for certain types of transactions

Freeman String Symphonizer I purchased for 37.00 broken on Ebay:

Tom D'Amico of Marlborough, MA
This fellow appears to be into synths from his page. He was selling a Freeman String machine needing work (they're a pain often but can be sold for a good profit sometimes if you get them fixed nice. I was expecting after the 37.00 initial auction amount, 150 to get it shipped here and then 3 or 400 of restoration work at least. Average maybe 500 and sell it for 1000 or whatever.
Anyway Tom initially cancelled the Order. He lied and claimed it was a glitch but ebay claims that's impossible and now obviously that is true since after weeks of him ignoring phone calls which caused a person I'd lined up on craig's to miss the connection... people pressuring him on facebook and ebay caused the jerk got back to me and gave me hope that we might proceed as I got ups store involved. I set up to pay them 75 to get it and pack it and then whatever the ship for the 70 lb. keyboard. However Tom LIED and claimed no it was 93lbs. Which caused them to feel they had to call me again and I told them pick it up..the price isn't an issue anyway... so they were going to get it and THEN Tom drops the bomb saying he's going to cancel it. Well it already is cancelled you dope because ebay can't uncancel it. You lied. YOu broke the contract with me Tom. You led me on and wasted my time. Do not trust this person obviously. next. Here is the Conversation from facebook where he finally let's me know he is just going to cancel it.

Ok Let's drop in on a few funny stories. I'm hearing nothing back from Honeywell so might as well say that they sold the installer a thermostat for my house that had no strain relief behind the screws that attach the wires. The installer pressed probably a typical amount to keep the screwdriver from slipping and cracked the weak circuit board's traces on back. Utterly negligent design. I fail to see why insurance should be handling this. The deductable is more than my labor.

I spoke with Sean at the complaint desk basically. He routed me to an e-mail only guy who tried to get me to waste a bunch MORE of my time (I'd already spent a week of heart wrenching work cleaning up the flood that resulted, only to be hit by ANOTHER flood from a water meter that was damaged in the prior flood!.. It didn't get as far this time but I'm out MINIMUM 1500 in labor plus all the parts and paying a plumber. 2000 would be nice from someone about now.) and then told me he could do nothing. Noooo Warrrannnttyyyyyyy. Typical.

If I did a job for someone that turned out to be a time bomb, I'd be fixing it for free if I did something documented as my fault. And if I was doing higher risk things like thermostats, furnaces etc. that could cause life threatening results if they failed, I'd most CERTAINLY have some kind of liability procedure when something went wrong ASIDE FROM ASIGNING PEOPLE TO A BLOW_OFF ARTIST! What a creepy world. Air Controls who installed it also hasn't called me back after promising they would. ENough. INto the bad vender file you go.

And..HEY MATE..while we're talking about it how about that colorful Lizard who does all the great commercials for us? My friend Vernon was driving his truck and hit a bad ice patch and rolled it. Fortunately not badly injured. However he had just sent a Money Order to none other than Geico. The salesman assured him that this would work. It got cashed but Geico never sent any confirmation and then the wreck. The police claimed he had no record of insurance and Geico... said "Sue us". Well.. eat this Geico. Your name is mud until you pay for the damages. YOU CAN NOT HAVE SALESMEN ON THE PHONE WHO HAVE NO ACCOUNTABILITY WHEN A COMPLAINT LIKE THIS IS FILED. "Sue us". Indeed. What gives big companies such pleasure in seeing poor people suffer who have paid them money to rightfully have insurance? Shame..Shame...Shame. If the guy can show you the receipt to the money order that was cashed in YOUR name.... accept some responsibility people.
Name (Ebay names in quotes)             Reason

"Mike_Angel" aka Michael Moses ( . I buy a canon camera from him for 122.50 and he lets me wait 10 days. I ask if he's shipped it and he immediately refunds money. The A2000IS normally sells for no less than 159.00 it appears. So I think he figured I got too good of a deal. But he lied and claimed ups lost it obviously because he refused to give me the track number. Really needed the cam to do a video for Paul after having my other stolen. Oh well... to make a liar a few more dollars it's all worth it right? Don't trust him anyway. I suspect he just sold it for higher price but what if I'd died? Or gotten real sick and forgotten about it? Raw profit in those cases eh?


"Grldy" - (Seems he's off ebay now..) This guy is such a mega nut job I've had to include the TEXT of our dispute. Bear in mind that I paid promptly and offered shipping instructions for him and ask that he contact me if there were any questions regarding that and then it arrived with only cardboard around it! 50lb keyboard!! Fedex did an amazing job getting it here without breakage and this clown wanted to file a claim with them! Yet..he tells me "I am a good man"... (Jesus said "no one is good but the father...". I agree. Well the Father and his manifestation in Yeshua :-). ) But anyway it gets to where he calls the FBI! CHeck it out!.


"lakewoodpawnshop" of Atlanta, GA - Item number: 150269933279 These people 1) claimed as you see in the description of this item below, that the 'worst case' would be that output transistors are bad.. op amp I think they meant. But regardless the WHOLE CPU BOARD WAS MISSING! They tried to supposedly contact the guy who sold it but it was a bunch of lies I'm sure because in the end they just wanted to disclaim all responsibility anyway. Fortunately I'd won another CPU and Analog board in a prior auction so I'm set to make the unit work in spite of them... but the guy resorted to hanging up in my ear without announcement when I told him I was going to insist on getting SOMETHING back. It takes a CLASS A JERK in a scenario like this not to simply offer something reasonable back to soften the blow. If they had no idea what the parameters of what was wrong might be they SHOULD HAVE SAID NOTHING and the item would have gotten a lower bid but oh well. When they make claims THEN just like the case of Grldy, they are responsible for those claims. "As is" means that anything OUTside those claims is not covered of course. Here is their description that frames them as scam artists who blow you off claiming the boss it out of town until the complaint period is over.
This auction is for a Korg Polysix Programmable Synthesizer Keyboard. The keyboard turns on but that is where it stops. We can not get it to make a sound. I suspect it needs some type of programming or worst case new output transistors. I also noticed that the last 7 or 8 black keys on the right side are either stuck in the down positions or move just a little. The heavy duty factory pictured case is included and worth quite a bit in its self. Once repaired this will make a great piece of equipment for your needs. Due to its condition it is of course being sold AS IS for parts or repair, no returns.

-------A final note:

Oh and the case was very cheap and flimsy. I have no idea what these idiots are talking about. Very flimsy, no foam by 'hybrid'. 20 dollar case. At least they didn't bust it up in shipping which is more than I can say about Grldy. But it's absurd not to negotiate SOME kind of compensation when you make totally inaccurate claims. While we're at it though here's a NEARBY auction for a Yamaha Amp where the guy left a neutral and they STILL insult him saying "Country boy could learn to communicate". The speaker jacks were busted. Here is the ONLY communication these non-communicative Jerks offered on the unit. You tell me. Why would they insult HIM when THEY are the bad communicator? :

This auction is for a Yamaha P1600 Power Amp. The Amp is in excellent condition as pictured only showing minor light evidence of previous usage. It was fully demonstrated by the customer whom traded it in to us and works perfectly.

----END of case against Lakewood Pawn Shop of Atlanta, GA


"internetauctionplanet"/Trenton, MI- They do not care about packing and tell you to file a claim after ignoring you from feedback I see. I asked them to follow my pack faq and they said "Don't bid".


"Honkkongsuperseller"-Here is a clip from sdiy on "Honkkongsuperseller" on ebay


Yes, goodbuy711 is the same as HKSS. I once ordered switches from both at the same time and they swapped the packaging by mistake The goodbuy711 order came in HKSS packaging and vice versa.

---previous letter being replied to:
Hi Steve, thanks for that, did a quick check and he does have them on his site,
same batch no as HKSS 0012 and I think actually is HKSS!
Item number: 220147479509

These did not work in my mini
Several others replied who had had various problems. It appears these guys have some legit stuff and possibly get some remarks or something. Beware!


Daddy's Junky Music- These people sell me an Akai AX73 which is represented 'as is'. However they carefully cropped out a smashed end piece in the photos so as to deliberately misrepresent it. You can see the bent metal barely from the front photo if you look closely. Total denial from the lady in charge of that department. She claimed everything is checked by two people blah blah blah. BUT THE PACKING WAS SUPERB! THere is no way this thing that appeared to be inflicted by a 4 iron driving the back. WOuldn't pay the claim and paypal smooths it over by sending me 50 bucks since they are a big dealer. Buyer beware. I didn't wind up getting my extra labor time quite out of that piece of deceit.


Joon Kyoung of "Test Equipment Surplus"- He goes under various ebay names. He's in Anaheim, CA and has a large room of surplus test gear etc. that he sells on ebay. He usually has marginal feeback (low 90's) or really horrible because he's very clever in putting people off and dragging things out til they can't leave any. He overtly ripped off my friend of 300 and some dollars. Never shipped his item because my friend called to question the absurd shipping charges. He sent the shipping money finally then the clown just ignored him. We went in to talk to them when we went through and the jerk avoided us and some fast talking guy try to rationalize and claimed it was all the fault of someone they had fired etc. But never paid him his MONEY!


Rain Soft RainSoft Water Treatment Systems These people... call the tech line. 40 minutes or so being told 'your call is *very* important to us'. Then they tell me they can't even come up with the value of a bizarre SMT zener diode that blew up on a customer's board that got wrong voltage. The board is over 700 dollars I was told though it's about a 20 or 30 dollar board in cost probably. This is not a reputable company. I never got a call back from the local distributor in several days and I see there are already many complaints about them on various issues on the net. BOTTOM LINE. IF you have a blown board, I've had success fixing one at a customer cost of 140.00. So don't get ripped off buying a new board from these people. e-mail me.


Misc. deadbeats local to my business in Montana

Chris Alexander/Bozeman, MT/Missoula, MT- (Was informed by another lady he'd ripped off bigger, that he's a spoiled child of Alexander music family) Excuses excuses. Steals a rhodes cable from me I paid $47 for him. I have this one in here more for comedy relief. This guy...winds up in line right in front of me at the weird Al concert here. I say "Chris..Is that you?" when I see him side view and he looks the other wayish and says to the ticket lady "Uhh just..uhh heard Weird Al was in town and thought I should go see him..uh huhhh..." It's sad that people sink to this level but I pray the God who died for us all to testify of his love for us will reach this guy and convict him. In the meantime..avoid any dealings with obviously. (That was 'poodle hat' tour. What a show)

Re-compute Computers
Sorry..something does not compute with these people. THey tell me point blank that if a monitor works they will pay me money for it. I haul in a 21" Hitachi beast. They knew full well what it was. They said 'we'll have to test it'. I said "I know, fine". No call. I come in a few days later and they said "Oh yeah it works..but we can't give you anything for that". With the guy who point blank told me they'd give me money for it standing in the background humming away. I thew my hands up and walked out and left them with it. Five dollars. That's all it would have taken to save their reputation. What's wrong with these people?

John Johnson / Great Falls, MT- Repair Crown amp that had multiple nested problems. Fully informed him along the way and all he could say was 'thanks for taking care of that for me' as the bill accrued. Then on completion he said "So I owe you 100 dollars then?". I re-informed him that 108 was the initial PARTS bill from Crown that he had ok'd and which he knew full well got destroyed because of an intermittent connection that was corroded underneath one of the difficult to get to filter capacitor lugs. The parts bill on the thing having blown like three sets of outputs before this problem was resolved was near 250 dollars! He offered me 300 then. I informed him that I'd like to make more than 2 dollars/hour on my labor and that minimum would be 550 for this very expensive amp. And I advised that we just sell it on ebay with disclosure that it had been repaired with details but 'as is'. He filed a complaint against me with the state of Montana and after they saw the invoice, informed him that they could not help him anymore. A waste of another couple hours of my time! On this has gone for years of him low ball offering me. He gets the police to threaten me that I can't sell the amp to get my labor back. What in the world!? 19 hours plus the ensuing damages of my life gone. Advice welcome.

Mathew Jonson / Vancouver, BC- Yes the DJ of, typerope etc. Sold him a CS-20M on ebay. To save him money I went fedex. Little did I know that if the person doesn't pay the customs they come back after YOU for it!! Beware. Why doesn't fedex have an option box for that? So if you are sending to a friend for instance you can make it so it gets delivered even if they aren't there to pay customs? But otherwise they hold it til customs are paid? This clown acts apologetic and promises to get a check right out...for about 125 dollars. Oh half a dozen times or so til I finally start getting backpedaling "Oh I got it for this guy and I'll try to get him to pay it". Uhh..I didn't sell it to this other guy. I sold it to YOU Mr. Liar. What a waste of time. Well no way am I paying it. I'll give fedex's collections all his info and tell them to bug him if they want money. Why would a guy try to pull such an immature thing when he's a well reputed musician? Does he know how many gigs this is going to cost him for simply not taking care of his own expenses?


Grldy's episode

I've included the mail transcript between us incl. my quote of my escalation letter to paypal. It picks up after I've asked him for a partial refund for the knobs that broke due to his horrible packing job, placing a 50lb keyboard in cardboard with just some of the ultrathin white foam (1/8" I suppose) around it! Fedex (who he used) would require 3" or something like that to get a claim out of them... And there are a few mails missing which I don't know how to receive because I sent them through ebay. So I have all of his responses but the "I said" and "He said" stuff begins after a few choice earlier mails from him while we were doing it on ebay. As you can see he responded in the typical way of a person trying to dodge responsibility on the first reply anyway...on we go...
--------his first email reply to me on June 30th
Dear sounddoctorin,
before i finish this with paypal and it will cost you the shipping to send it back because you will not get a refund until the unit is shipped back to me. also it is not my responsibility to go to your website to see how you want something packed and shipped. so do you want the $20.00 or do you want to send the unit back? let me know before i escalate the problem with paypal. thank you

- grldy
--------I NOTE: (This is an inline comment and not part of the conversation)
Do you see how insane this is? First he shipped it inadequately so there can be no claim. He's asking ME to now rebox and ship at a cost of 100 dollars in time and outlay..a keyboard that I won for 77.00 total! This was a broken machine that I was fully willing to accept responsibility for it AS represented. As I've done 100's of times before without a hitch. However with this guy he yammers at me on the phone and interrupts then hangs up to where I have to throw my hands up and do a paypal dispute. Ok back to it. :-)

-----------A few hours later... after some ebay messages with me calling it absurd to ship the way he did etc.

you do not have to be smart with me.i never called you why are you calling me stupid? if you want the $20.00 i will give it to you, i am poor from millions not a stinking $20.00. if you do not want it i will escalate it with paypal so you will have to send it back to the way it was shipped to you.

- grldy

-------I NOTE: (Inline comment again..)
You gotta's starting to get funny already. He interprets me saying it's absurd to pack the way he did after being offered good advice and ignoring it. He takes this as a GLOBAL insult. I replied noting that I doubt he has a bad IQ. Rather he's just stubborn and doesn't listen to others.... oh and I noted that on the positive side at least none of the case was broken miraculously. BUT I'm ABOUT to discover..that he lied about how many keys weren't sounding. As a result, another 30 or 40 dollars of parts that weren't expected...from his description..NOTICE how he is sweating TRYING to get me to take the 20 dollars. His plan of destroying it in the mail had failed. So now he's down to this.... oh and also note the neurotic statement that he never said I was stupid! So...does that mean I'm not entitled to call sending a 50 lb. object made of particle board in cardboard only...STUPID? He didn't call me stupid so therefore I'm not entitled to call his action what it was? arrrrrr....

----A bit later he replies

Dear sounddoctorin,

bob i never said you where stupid. anyway do you want the $20.00 or not? you said on the phone that is what you wanted if so i will paypal you the money. if not let me know so i can close the paypal issue. i just picked up a kawai k5 is it worth anything or should i just trash it. thank you

- grldy

-------------I reply to him:

oddly if you look for information on the K5 I actually wrote a software piece for it. They go for about 100 plus or minus some. They're a very unique synthesizer. They generate the sounds using the overtone series instead of samples like most modern keyboards or 'subtractive' synthesis like most older ones. Now anyway I've dumped another bunch of my time into the deal and was going to ask for 35 dollars since it's soaked more than that out of my day. I'll be VERY surprised if there aren't more complications when I get inside....There's one more thing rattling around in there.

Opening it up, I'm surprised that the wood isn't shattered. I really am. However the piece rattling around was a metal finger, black w/some rust. It sheared off something. A little under a cm square with a bend shortly after which mangled metal from it breaking off of something. Rats. That's too bad. I was hoping the missing chip would fall out. The Bb's obviously don't work because the SAA1004N is missing completely on that one.
I was remembering some keys didn't play but...I should send you a pic of the problems because that missing chip is obviously what you were referring to in the description. All of the Bflats would have been out because of that missing chip. However many of the keys are not level at all. So probably something is physically broken under the keys also. Something that absolutely couldn't be seen in any of the pictures. yeah please...I'm not a very rich guy. I get picked on by everyone it seems. The reason I have perfect f/b save one guy who wanted to use an unauthorized payment method and I refused so he left bad f/b...for whatever reason...but man I drive a rusty car and just work all the time. I'm always getting ripped off on things where it looks one way but turns out another so please understand I just try to make a stand for what is right in situations like this. I would never rip anyone else off. I always short myself if anything. But hey these don't go for a huge amount of money in good shape and I have to make more than 5 dollars an hour or I don't survive. -Bob

-----------He replies back quickly:

thank you for the info.the $20.00 offer is still good, thank you

-----------And I reply to him

Right and like I say I just try to get paid a reasonable rate for my time on these things so I can make a living. The more time I spend the less I make a living. I thought half hour of shop time was a generous offer but like I say now I'm into it a bit more. In the future just reason with people and don't cut them off and make things difficult for them because it costs them money. 35 dollars will be the total damages. I've only had to do this a couple times in all the keysboard's I've bought. The delta that is featured in the pack faq actually I never got a nickel for and the guy just ignored me and we didn't have the procedure with paypal back then or obviously I'd have done it there too. And same with a lady who wrecked all the knobs on a moog opus 3. And the incident w/ daddy's junky music where they deliberately left a broken (bad..badly broken) end out of the photo. Otherwise most of the things have arrived as represented out of the hundreds I've done..or people just made it right without additional hassle. . -Bob

-------------However I had *also* said in this time interval,..note how i'm trying to cut any slack to this guy...

Ok I just got it open and checked out the was no big deal. Just some of the glue broke loose that holds them tot he metal frame. I've seen that happen on something else..I think my old Crumar Multiman of similar vintage.

Anyway so I certainly don't hold you responsible for that part of things. But there are a lot of damaged slider caps that won't stay on and sadly those are really a rare unique design that really adds to the value of the machine but with careful heat and glue I can fix them adequately I believe. -Bob

-------------he replies back

Hello Bob,
i am a very good man and always i try to help.if the fedex damage the unit they will pay for the damage.i give you back the $20.00 just to return to you the packing fee.
thank you

------------I NOTE: (Inline comment) Bawwhwahahaahaaaaaaaaa! Did you hear that!?

------------I reply to him.

I just did the test of the functionality. You said a few black notes. Actually about 1/3 of them don't work. There are at least three bad divider chips probably. The Bflat one flat isn't there. THe Aflats also do not work. And below a certain level the Dflats don't work and a few other oddball ones I don't have time to figure right now. But I'm feeling pretty hosed on this deal. The front panel is also very rusty..not good looking. 5 out of 10 cosmetically because of that rust. -Bob

------------and I say again...on 7/1 at 1:38am... And one last update. I said 1/3 of the black keys however it was actually one short of being over half of them :-) . That's not what I would call 'a few'. If you are a 'good man' then be good enough in the future to accurately describe things so that the buyer knows what they are buying because there is a HUGE difference between a few (normally 2 to 4 maybe.) and a dozen out of 25 or whatever on that one. Doesn't that seem a little absurd to you?

Anyway the GOOD NEWS is..the D#'s turn out to share the same chip so it's only one missing chip and one totally bad one not three. So it could have been worse. -Bob

------------I reply after escalating the paypal claim just so he has a copy of it since I don't know if they give that to the person...

Preface: Why..pray tell..would you need a picture of the front panel? You saw the rust poking through all over it and even marring some of the stencilling. That part isn't any good to sell someone. YOU sold this as a PARTS machine..YET made it sound like there are parts that are GOOD which were not GOOD. That's why I call you a liar. You're a like a lot of people in this country. You've never met someone who would hold you to account and rub your nose in it. I don't complain often. You have to be pretty heinously over the top to earn a place on my project list. made it there. Also why would you force me to invest in a nice macro camera so that I can take pictures of cracks that cause knobs to fall off? Actually a couple of them you could see pretty easily they were split/warped so bad. But without a close up camera...

dude..that isn't even a common sense request. All the more reason you are just using this stuff to smoke screen. anyway if I wasn't a super fast typist I'd be asking a lot more. Count your blessings.

-----note to paypal.

This guy kept cutting me off on the phone. He's hyper defensive and for good reason. He blatantly lied about the condition of this unit. He 1) Provided blurry pics but said it was in basically good shape cosmetically. Not so. There is rust poking through the front panel making one of the most important/difficult to replace parts a sore-eye. 2) He said a 'few' black keys were not working right there in the auction. Actually it was 12 out of 25. One of the divider chips is totally missing. Obviously someone got in there and removed one since only a piece of metal was floating inside; a result of 3 below 3) The guy did a *malicious* packing job. Ie. he simply covered it with cardboard and sent it Fedex; blatantly violating fedex's packaging requirements. AS a result about half of the rare/unique knobs were split in half because the loose case panel crashed against them in transit of course. I had specifically offered my 'pack faq' to show this guy how to easily/cheaply just put foam around the ends. But he had plans to make sure that I got reamed on this deal for some reason and just ignored that and did it the most blatantly absurd way possible. This person needs to be taught a lesson. He was extremely rude and discourteous. He kept 'yammering' excitedly as I was calmly trying to explain that the packaging job wasn't adequate. He said "I am not the manufacturer" etc. etc. and kept bantering these things and would just cut me off mid-sentence so he could say the same thing he'd already repeated a dozen times...THEN had the nerve to insult my intelligence and claim that I wasn't listening. Well..I listened. And I tried to make a logical response but he won't hear of anything but his philosophy that he has the *right* to lie about an auction then cover it all up with 'As is'. No it's not. It was fraudulently represented. It's not at all what "IS" was defined to be and this guy needs to be instructed that "As is" isn't a lisence to lie.

-----------He replies back finally

grow up and learn to read the auctions.first you coplaint about the packing and your $20.00 .now you coplaint about the whole key board.i don't know what is wrong with you???.i sold the unit for parts or repairs.did you go to school to learn to time read before you bidding.the story is not about the unit .to me you are a bad person.

---------I NOTE:(Inline comment)...MY "20 dollars"? What is wrong with this guy?? Hey I hadn't had time to evaluate the whole keyboard. When I first started talking to him all I knew was there was likely going to be trouble from his malicious packing job. I had no idea there would be other rust and bad chip fraud involved til I evaluated the thing...keys falling off...about 20 or so had to be reglued..took some time to find out what all was going on with pieces coming off..

---------He also sends this mail right after....


----------I NOTE: (Inline comment..) GOOD GRIEF! HE's calling the FBI now? huh? Then calls me an idiot....then tells me that I should go back to East Los Angeles? Uhhh....why? I don't like everything about any country. He was confused apparently by the fact that I said "A lot of people in this country..."..does that logically exclude that there aren't a lot of people in ALL countries who do evil? Duh. Of course not. But this guy is too warped in his thinking to logically evaluate anything obviously... I love living wherever I am but I'm aware that a lot of people are deceivers. So why does this person feel need to harass me and ask me to move somewhere else because I don't like dishonest people? There are dishonest people everywhere. You can't escape them in this world.

----------I had actually replied to that anyway saying:

The FBI? It's a crime to get ripped off by people now. What will they think of next. Go home where I came from? What in tarnation..... Dude.... maybe you aren't speaking English well enough to understand me...because I have *no* idea where *that* came from. But you've taxed enough of my time. I'll ...wait for ebay or the fbi to call me so we can have some laughs. -Bob

---------=and I also said in there:

PS...I'm going to post this whole thing on my fairly high traffic website. You've gone way over the edge. That'll tax you steadily for a long long time. I'm a teacher. It's my nature to teach people. -Bob

----------to which he replies twice, once just saying 'don't email me anymore and the other:

you are a bad person and you hate people.i watch a video from you on the u-2.please don't email me anymore.fbi will talk to you soon.

---------to which I finally reply in the concluding article, hopefully...

Oh I know the FBI just has tons of time to hassle people who have PERFECT FEEDBACK to help sort out a 50 dollar dispute. have mental problems obviously. I'm sorry for you but I'm still creating a tinyurl that I can post in the feedback so that EVERYONE can see the falling down hilarious interaction we've had so that they can avoid the same. If that's what you want...kiss goodbye to a lot of sales. And yes I won't write you anymore I WILL however respond to whatever you write to me SO LEAVE ME ALONE ALSO LIKE I SAID. I SAID I WAS DONE YET YOU KEEP EMAILING ME. DID YOU NOT READ MY ESCALATION NOTE? NOw stop emailing me. Thanks. . -Bob

---------My concluding notes on this matter:

PAYPAL I find has a policy now of offering only a refund if you return it, which in this case is absurd since I had to invest so much time in figuring out what was going on with it to find out that I'd been defrauded etc. They offered to pay the shipping which I thought is just send this vintage piece across the country again and have to build a real box for it. Not to mention LOSE all of my shop time documenting that this guy defrauded me..oh and the hour putting all the keys back on that were falling off. Then they just said 'we'll give you your labor/extra expense and write it off' and I said "ok that's great of YOU!...but it's sad that we can't hold this guy accountable. THIS is the kind of thing that is destroying America. People like this feel that they can get away with anything! And nobody ever makes them pay for the trouble they cause. Thus we are harvesting a generation of people who do this malicious stuff and just perpetuate it in more and more absurd form. " or like that.

So watch out dealing with Theodoros Kalogerinis, This is one of the most outrageous characters I've dealt with in my 22 years on the internet. Ironically I had just sold a Kawai PH50 to a guy weeks before. It worked good here but when he got it, it triggered multiple notes when you hit keys! There was no easy fix so I just sent him the auction back less 10 bucks since he can use it via midi at least, without involving paypal. That's the way it SHOULD go. Yet this man says I am a 'bad man' and that I 'hate people'. But he is a 'good man'. Heheaaaa! Ohhh the IRONY in that the auction amount was identical even :-). I send the money back without being brow beaten about it... but I'm evil. And he's GOOD but makes me get paid through paypal instead of taking account for his own malicious behavior. Uhhuh. If he ever wants this taken down he can pay full restitution to paypal and apologize for his absurd behavior and PROMISE to never say "As Is" and expect that this makes it ok to LIE about the condition of a product OR to hold back information about blatantly wrong things like rust poking through the front panel all over!

Facebook conversation with Tom D'Amico

Robert Weigel said:

or..well today after I get up 🙂

Tom Said:

Good enough!

--Robert Weigel Said:

Dec 21st, 12:35am
They got me a quote.  They can come over and pick it up hopefully soon here.  UPS store guy was very helpful

--Tom Said:

Dec 21st, 1:55am
Just let me know
---Robert WEigel said:

Dec 21st, 4:40pm
THey said they'd be able to get it Tuesday 10am .  sound ok?

---Tom Said:
Dec 21st, 6:18pm
Sounds good !!
Hey there ups still hasn't picked it up. I've talked to the guy 3 times he said he would come buy but never did it's been on my porch since Tuesday I'm gonna cancel this transaction. Sorry but...that's why I said pick up only.  I'll refund your money.   Thanks

----Robert Weigel Said:

Tom please..not after all my effort
I've already given them the card and they told mE you had said the machine is 93 pounds which delayed them
I've weighed these before..I've worked on 4 and shipped a few of them
Sorry it's a done deal. Too much trouble for me. It does and he told me it was too heavy so I'm done!
they're 70lbs on my website
Tom he was supposed to pick up today

----Tom Said:

Sorry all done I'll refund your money. Thanks

---Robert Weigel said:

I've poured 200 of time into this
trying to call you when you weren't responding
I asked questions you didn't reply to
did all I could

----Tom Said:

I got back to u all the time LIKE I SAID  DONE!!!

----Robert Weigel said:

That's not right Tom..gonna have to let the synth community know
I called a wrong number you had listed apprently
got hung up on
I initially got the 'cancelled' not and you said you didn't do it... and responded there... but after that it was hard to get ahold of you
I had a guy picking it up
couldn't get an answer
I went with UPS.... finally after getting back and you told them false information that delayed it
and now you're cancelling?
that's not right Tom

----Tom said (is this guy like a 2 year old??)

Fine with me could care less!! Now I will block u be real careful if u bad mouth me that could be a real legal problem for u!!!!!

---Robert WEigel said:

you got a better offer or something..THey are a pain to work on.... I'm just out a huge amount of time
Oh yeah legal problems. That's nuts tom
you know it

----Tom said:
No better offer so cut your losses! See ya!

----Robert Weigel said:
you're on the bad vender list. see ya
can't subject others to that
moral obligation

--- Tom said:
Wow who cares!

--RObert Weigel said:
not you. you have no morals obviously

--- Tom said:
See ya !