Ensoniq SQ/KS series -1990 -92     Weight = ? Lbs. Number mfg.= ? MRP=$1595-2195 (SQ-1+ - KS-32)

User Manual:
Reset Proceedures: Press Edit sequences/preset, hold system button while pressing screen9. then up/yes.
Operating System code:
MIDI or other control protocol:
Software related Links:
Patches or knob settings:
Circuit Overview: below
Scematics/Service Manual: Syntaur
Common Service Issues/Tips: below
Parts Sources: SQ Keys knobs semiconductors misc
Uncommon chips/modules used: Many
General Info Links: Vintage Synth Explorer

Circuit Overview:
     A digital Workstation series. SQ-1 is first in this series with the typical architecture of the day. Very nice sounds for 1990 and a simple to use sequencer. Well set up for modulation options etc. Decent Leslie for the day also...reverbs have digital fx anomoles easily heard in the high end in particular. Very cheezy; not as good as Korg's of the same day.

Service Tips:
      Always verify power supply voltages if problem looks like it could remotely be power supply related.

Syntaur has many parts for Ensoniq specifically. Let me know if you need a specific part from my listings in the parts section that you don't find elsewhere or whatever.
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