Italian keyboard manufacturer Fatar now know as Studio Logic produced key movements for many of the Italian synths like Siel and Crumar and also found their way into some E-mu products.
       In 1988 a new direction was formed. Music Industries began importing hammer action simulated controller keyboards. The "Studio 88" I recall playing and was fairly impressed by the feel they had achieved. They were much lighter weight than the standard Yamaha KX88 and more responsive, but had almost no features but with the Studio 90 and 90+ they began to tack on more things to increase the flexibility. Since all support is found on the above page I'll neglect my usual pages for each unit for now. Manuals are all online there except for the Studio 88/88+ it appears; a unit which needs no explanation basically. I will list a quick reset guide with a few helpful notes as I find them:

SL-2001 - In edit mode, select the "Memory used" function (press function switch 1 twice) Adjust slider 4 until it reads 'erase all'. Press 'alpha switch' to erase. When I did this it eliminates the memory error, but then I got no activity though it appears 2001 is selected on the zones and they are full width midi channel 1. Setting this unit up to xmit from the keys is quirky. I tried running signals in and saw that the midiscope (ie. in edit mode the upper left function) was working. Then selected 'in A' instead of '2001' and could see it bouncing the midi messags on the 'scope' also to out A, B, C, D when I selected those with slider 2 which now had an editing option! Now, when I selected 2001 just worked on that same port. But if..say before selecting 2001 you have out A turned off, then it assumes that for the keyboard also. It seems an oddity that they didn't allow you to patch the ins and outs and then allow you to independently select the output FOR THE 2001's keyboard!! And perform a software merge! Crazy. But no if 2001 is selected as the source then there's absolutely no way to edit what it's routed to. You have to select rather one of the inputs and associate it to an output. VEry confusing!