Ken Freeman engineered this machine as really the first good effort at emulating a string section. It was really manufactured by CMI/Cordovox but we'll give it it's own section due to the fact that it is usually known as the Freeman STring "machine" or Symphonizer. Here is the Sound on Sound article giving the more elaborate details. But in short Ken pioneered the development of the first string synthesizer prototypes. He got interest from Lowry but they functioned as a typical snooty idiotic company who messed around instead of jumping on the innovation and rewarding the developer. As a result both the Crumar Stringman and Eminent Solina beat them to the market, greatly reducing the impact of this machine.
       But it is a very significant piece of synthesis history and the sound appears on many old productions. Ken went on to produce some tracks including a couple BBC TV Dramas as noted in the article above also.


String Symphonizer