Hohner, a German company known for it's production of accordions, Melodica's (My first instrument..aside from Piano I guess.) and various air organs etc. also produced a few things of interest to the synthesizer community. And it made some organs. The ones I've worked on had neon lamp relaxation oscillators galore! Fun to look at on the inside! Warm sounding things of course. They make a lot of obscure things we'll hopefully get to in time but here are a few I've dealt with. And of course it's famous electro acoustic Clavinet line.
       The clavinet's sound is mostly achieved from the acoustic aspects and pickup so I won't delve into them here since there are lots of great resources on the web. Matt Kunitz is a master of setting them up to sound right in the bay area. For their electronic products a Schematic page might include your product. The C86 I was looking for apparently has TWO versions and the one I have has a cpu. It doesn't use TOS chips like this earlier C86 they have diagram for. The output board appears similar on it though.


Stringer Bass 3 P120N