General synthesizer parts directory

       Here you will find many rare parts as well as a lot of general purpose resources. We have the world's first key replacement guide under the keyboard parts section, as well as many near impossible to find keys for sale. Each one should be linked to the synthesizer that uses them on their individual tech pages but below you can just search the whole section and see which ones I have for sale, my Semiconductor stock, and miscellaneous items. (Special on Weller and Ungar parts, and Chemtronics Anti-Stat at $2.50 per 16oz aerosol or spray!)
      PAYMENTS for my items should be made after confirming stock with me. There are ordering instruction links on pages with parts below.

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Control Semiconductor Keyboard Knobs Miscellaneous General Synth Accessories

Suppliers of Synth specific components-

Sound Vision Music (Lorenzo has a good array of parts incl. CEM, SSM, IR chips)

Vintage Planet (CLOSED for now. see more

United States
CAE Sound (Moog and ARP related parts, and Hammond, Leslie and Clavinet)

Synth Parts (Good selection of Curtis (CEM), SSM, Roland and Yamaha IC's)

Sound Doctorin' (see links above for the types of parts you want. Best key selection/prices, contact repair disks, massive IC and transitor inventory, many scrap units we can remove parts from in both synths a combo organs and keyboards. And REPAIRS.)

This old synth Bay area, looks like some keys and a few ic's

Sunth Restore(Minimoog replacement boards, some ARP modules etc.)

Manufacturers of Synth related components-

Analog Devices-VCA's, DAC/ADC's, analog switches, etc.
THAT corp- VCA's, level detectors, Analog engine dynamic processors (mouser now handles many of these parts)
Analog Devices-VCA's, DAC/ADC's, analog switches, etc.
Micro-Ohm Tempcos

Sources of electronic components-

Ones I've had good results with:
All Electronics- Good assortment of knobs and pots at good prices, some chips and general stuff. Good backup battery prices, power adapters.

Allied Electronics has been around a long time and they have a huge selection. Transformers etc. lists joystick useful in some gear. Good resistor pricing.

Digi-Key- has igorous inventory of in-production components.

Jameco- has good inventory of commonly used parts, fair pricing.

MCM Electronics- Related to Newark in past. Discount on test gear handled by them. Lots of parts from semiconductor to speakers etc.

MECI- aka Mendelson's Liquidation has interesting DIY items often.

Mouser- Rigorous inventory of in-production components. Good service.

Electronix Express - I've never dealt with but recommended by someone for power adapters
Farnell Electronics has lots of stuff for Europe and Asia it appears

Roy Tellason's parts page including lots of easy to download datasheets! Lots of computer parts, some used in synths.

Companies where pricing "shifts" a lot but ok otherwise:
Newark Electronics- Rigorous inventory of in-production components.

Companies to avoid altogether:
Dalbani of Florida- These people sold me remarks then pled "out of warranty" when I called them on it. I was hearing 'stupid american' in their attitude. I'm told Dalbani of the UK is much better. Maybe they should... talk or something.
Hosfelt- After years of dealing ok with them, they started being irresponsible and petty; I'd gotten some bad parts but when I got a bad expensive NTE part I tried to send it in for refund and it 'got lost' for instance. Always stuff like that to where I just figured 'enough'. Their customer service attitude just went totally out the window somewhere along the way. They have some good buys sometimes but I'm sorry I can't recommend them personally anymore. Lots of good wal warts too. :-(

Cabinets and Knobs:

Owen Enclosures Knobs and enclosures. Nice selections.
Kilo International very nice assortment of nice synth knobs
Chia Shin Kobs- These guys have a great selection of knobs with no minimum!
ELMA- They have a good variety of collet knobs (the kind that have a nut inside face cover). ALso encoders/switches etc.
Sifam- Has several types of knobs including collet.
Maplin Electronics- Nice soft touch knobs and aluminum skirted ones.
Selco has a most of the plastic types plus some great pushbutton switch caps it appears. "D" shaft soft touch knobs.
Ehc kobs appears to have the most diverse selection and quality looks outstanding. Select 'consumer' at the left for things like slider knobs.
MSC has the 'virtual big book' and this link should point to the knob finder section. If not navigate from their .com page.

Miscellaneous synth related things:

Floppy Drives for many older synthesizers and samplers from FDS electronics or Old Floppy assistance

Ribbon controller resources- Trossen Robotics

Membrane switches, Linear position sensors - Spectrasymbol

Synth Accessories:

Covers for Synths from LeCover

Miscellaneous stock:

Stock   Part#				Price each less shipping (cost)
5 ea. Weller PTD			-$3.50
4 ea. "" ETH				-$3.50
(above are in bulk bags.  Appear unused. FOllowing are in oem packaging)
4 ea.  Weller ETD			-$2.80
1 ea.  Weller PTO7			""
8 ea.  Weller EP108			""
8 ea.  Weller EP105			""
6 ea.  Weller EP 106			""
1 ea.  Weller EPH 102 			""  (bent conical tip for EC1301)
1 ea.  Weller T5, T6 and WPT-12 torch tips ( I guess the last one is. Looks like a torch solder end)

3 ea.  Ungar #2006 adapter		$1.80
1 ea.  Ungar PL-332 bent conical tip	$3.00
12 ea. Ungar PL-331 conical tip		$3.00
12 ea. Ungar PL-333 screwdriver tip	$3.00

Vintage Planet update

(Rob Senso is selling this..closed for now. Many may have had harsh interactions with Rob. He bites people's head off figuratively speaking for asking things that are stated on his site, amidst the vast information therein. I can understand the burden this kind of thing can be, having myself done the vast research to put together the key cross ref. etc. on this site and now only getting orders for keys nobody has. Oh well...I tried to be his friend for some time buying more than I needed so as not to take his time for petty orders etc. On facebook he went off on me. Seems his socialist brainwashing has turned him into what we've observed over the years. Hopefully someone sane buys this once great resource for the synth community.)