Peavey Electronics is, to me, one of the most to be respected in the industry. They have been a great support to me in repairs over the years. Their equipment is often very innovative and well built considering the reasonable price. Perhaps much in the same way Microsoft gets a bad rap for security issues, Peavey is looked on by some as a lower quality product. They hear about something broken of Peavey's and go " must be unreliable". Well..hey..if everyone ELSE had as much gear out there in the field, I think they'd be getting that kind of rap also. Now..please understand...this does not mean I in any way *like* microsoft historically. Ahem. Peavey after all didn't sell their first amplifier with no input jack..or one that intermittently stopped conducting signal. Ok let's not go there. hahaa.
      The only synth products from Peavey I'm going to mention are the DPM series. "DIgital phase modulation" is what that stood for. In late '91 they entered the game with the DPM-2. The DPM-3 in 1989 and various versions followed, the DPM-4 and the massive DPM-488 and C-8 weighted controller. They are the first keyboard's I remember seeing that claimed to be 'open architecture' in that new code would be installed to update the synth to be able to evolve with trends, using Motorola DSP technology. Here's a page with a great DPM Overview

Reset Proceedures for Peavey products.

DPM product downloads (REMEMBER. These machines use DSDD floppy diskettes/DOS format!)

General tech note: Aside from battery replacements (take to a good tech. Especially the 488 needs care in handling! I've seen degredation on the 4/488 units due to leaky battery and there are some close connection that need to be carefully excavated at times.) and general abuse issues I've only personally attended to one other issue; a processor chip in a 3SE that would heat up and begin to create ugly data errors in the bit stream. I used a long cotton swab and alcohol to cool the chips one at a time until I found the one that would make the sound clear up when applied right as it was starting to do it. Peavey still handles some parts last I checked for these units. Let me know though if you can't turn up a solution as I found some other parts connections before when they were out of stock as I recall.