A German company who built a couple of really great sounding products in the early 80's that are analog hybrids. The PPG Wave computer of 1978 was all digital developed in cooperation with Tangerine Dream. This was highly overshadowed by the better sounding Fairlight machine which emerged just a little later and had the advantage of the rapidly developing technology edge that brought their sound within spec I suppose. Check out Paul Maddox's great site with pics of most of the products it appears.


Wave 2, 2.2 Wave 2.3 Realizer

Here's an interesting note from Terry Shulz about the development of sampling technology:
Hi All,

The original PPG samples were 8bit later on 12-bit. The first 16 bit samples
were done using a Sony PCM F1 ECL based A/D Front end and 16-bit D/A ECL
back end. This is one reason the samples sounded so Gritty early on. When
we designed the 16-HDU unit we were able to make a great deal of

We opted to keep the SSM 2044 filters as they sounded great and we did not
have so much Analog design issues.

When we switched over to the MC68000 based design on the Realizer we also
used a TMS32010 DSP for Filters,oscillators etc. As this unit never really
made it to production, the end of PPG came soon.

Wolfgang and I never agreed upon a grand plan and as a result the best I
could do was at least get the HDU, PRK, EVU and PPG 2.3 into solid

Much of the software was chaos and undocumented. A real fright to make
changes and improvements but things worked well enough to make some really
fun sounding products that are still great to listen too.

I have made my own PPG incarnation using DSP56307 and MC68340 but never took
it too production. It has sinced been scrapped and re-used for other
projects and will never rise again I am afraid.

I want to do this project on an ARM11 and DSP5672x based machine under Linux
and will cobble a project together perhaps when I get my other projects

Best regards,

Terry Shultz

Anyway the rest of the conversation can be found in the synth sdiy archives -Bob