E-Mu Systems formed in 1972 it appears as Dave Rossum and Scott Wedge built some desktop modular synths; 125 I read at the Emulator Archive page. This is definitely the page for a broad range of information about E-mu gear and history.
      All user manuals appear to be on the site so I won't bother listing those..however if you go from the page above I noticed there are some dead links and newer stuff isn't there. Use Vintage Keys link and then use the pull down menu to get all of them. Also E-mu Systems maintains their page fairly well it appears and you can find most manuals there with a few more clicks. THey also provide service manuals I believe so for now I'm not going to provide any more E-mu information except key replacement info as I get time.

Emu Legacy gear docs

Patches for Morpheus.

Neil's ESI resource page. Patches and FAQ.
Parts Links:

Upgrades from The avenues