Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 -1985    Weight = ? Lbs. Number mfg.=? MRP=$2595

Prophet 3000 -1987    Weight = 33 Lbs. Number mfg.= few MRP=$5000

User Manual: analog hell archive
Reset Proceedures: N/A
Operating System code:
MIDI or other control protocol:
Software related Links: Prophet2000 tools! or manual archive from analoghell
Patches or knob settings: Kidnepro
Circuit Overview: below
Scematics/Service Manual: schematic archive from analoghell
Common Service Issues/Tips: below
Parts Sources: Keys knobs semiconductors misc
Uncommon chips/modules used: CEM3379 VCF/quad VCA
General Info Links: Vintage Synth Explorer

Circuit Overview:
     A digital samling synthesizer; 12 bit with limited memory (256K -512K) but similar to the Korg DSS-1 that emerged shortly after, great analog filters and a rich sound possible though the resonance does virtually nothing in the one I tested and the video online demonstrating this apparent fact. The 3000 is very rare and is a module with advanced features for it's day. Sequential went out of business right after it was released.

Service Tips:
      Anyone? Other than floppy fails I'm sure...Lotharek has a nice floppy emulator or here is a note with a list of compatable floppy drives and other useful info. DS0 on these units btw. I had read the DSS-1 Drive from Korg (Teac FD-235 models) are compatible. In trying to use one, I found frustrating 'incompatible format' right after issuing a command to format a blank 720K DSDD floppy! Well.. I finally thought to try a HD floppy instead. Worked perfect! Why...I don't know. On DSS-1 you had to use the DSDD ones. I bought a bunch just for that purpose years ago. 1/4 of which seem to fail when I try to make a disk image. Certron brand I think.. anyway there you have it. The only jumpers I left in were the ones listed for Korg DSS-1 on that page except I removed the auto detect density one which seemed to get it working maybe though..I'm not sure since I hadn't tried the HD ones. Whatever it works that way. I couldn't get the original Canon MD-350 working. Lh message came up when I tried to format from it! I don't even see that in the manual. I do have the 'gift'. lol

P2000 page has people listing floppy drives for sale and so on. Let me know if you need a specific part from my listings in the parts section that you don't find elsewhere or whatever.
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