Sequential Circuits was founded by Dave Smith, a clever engineer who made some of the great classic synthesizer instruments of all time. The Prophet 5 was really the first practical gigging synth. While its 10 oscillators didn't stack up to the CS-80, you could carry it alone! And there was a large amount of memory for working up performance sounds at quick access.
      After creating basically the first cpu controlled synth in that instrument, the company went on to create the first MIDI synth (prophet 600), the first multi-timbral synth (Six-Trak), Wavetable (Prophet VS), and after the company was no more, Dave went on to be hired by Yamaha and Korg to continue his wavetable designs. After the DX7, it became more and more difficult to sell analog synthesizers. They were more expensive to make and didn't have the appeal at the time since the digital synths were making a totally different kind of sound and had increased editing options. Today, the machines built by this company have obviously held their value quite a bit better for the most part. But a company tooled up for doing innovations in a more expensive 'medium' couldn't compete with companies that specialize in cranking out digital machines that require no tuning, component selection, etc. Hyperreal has a good text faq for the Multi-Trak that has a good history synopsis for SCI.
      For Prophet 5/10 and history info and lots of good links check out Fred Wilder's or Gordon Reid's pages! And now a sequential circuits chronology of products. Check out this great Dave Smith Interview!


Prophet 5 Prophet 10 Pro One T8 Prophet 600 Six-Trak(s) MAX Split 8 Multi-Trak Fugue(s) Prelude Prophet 2000/3000 Prophet VS

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