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Homeschooling information.

Operational Mandate

        The church of Jesus Christ (not to be confused with...the confused. The LDS group has some strong doctrinal differences, with regard to things which are not disputable in keeping with biblical integrity.) web page is operated by myself and whoever else will join with me in Christ, to bring together a communication network which will help bring down dividing walls in the ONE TRUE CHURCH. (God sees that church. He commands that there be NO division in it. No division according to race, age, sex, beliefs about disputable issues, educational background, financial status, etc.) The true church:

1) acknowledges the creator as Lord of all, and has received his son; his spirit in the flesh of a man, as a blood sacrifice for the cleansing of their sins.

2) knows that there is one common spirit, which is omnipresent; living in the heart of every person who repents of their sin (represented by water baptism), and receives that holy spirit by invitation. (Which must be a pure invitation, because the spirit of God will NOT inhabit a house filled with idols.)

3) spurs one another on to good works in Christ, encourages one another, shares with the one who is lacking when they have enough, particularly in the case of widows and orphans. Basically, they do what is normal for a bunch of people possessed by the same spirit; a spirit which is, in character, perfect love. No greater love, than a man give his life up for a friend. The true church has counted the cost of their title.

     This page is currently in very crude form. Why? Because it can't be complete without all the parts of the body beginning to work together! WHAT can this page POTENTIALLY SERVE TO DO? **

1) Create a pathway through which things which involve the whole community in Christ can be communicated. (Each fellowship needs a designated "nerd" to make this work. We have several where I fellowship, so if you need a loaner, let me know!) * Outreach/Ministry opportunities * Directories to fellowships, ministers, etc. * Prayer/action needs in government, etc. * Personal needs which exceed the local fellowship. * Prophetic words * Instruction

2) Let the community see the working of God amongst his people and... make them jealous! (Instead of sick or bored for a change. No offense, but no matter how hard we worship God in the confines of our buildings, or in the expanse of the outdoors, nobody is going to be impressed until LOVE IS MADE MANIFEST! How many hungry people get fed because you worship sunday? How many homeless find shelter...ARE there HUNGRY AND HOMELESS RIGHT THERE IN YOUR MIDST!? Is God maybe saying "Your worship stinks! I will not hear it until you attend to the thing my spirit demands be taken care of in your midst!"? Yes. If I am reading the word of God correctly, that is exactly what he is saying to this generation. I'm glad to discuss it with whoever will.) I anticipate some awesome things happening as a result of the body of Christ breaking down those styrofoam walls that the enemy has put up to insulate us from each other. Praise God for his vision, and his provision to accomplish it. If anyone would like to get involved in this part of the working of God's kingdom, let's dream together. -Bob


            The scriptures are quite clear that we, in the body of Christ, are to consider each other more highly than ourselves. Where then, is the provision for us to discriminate which alleged brother or sister we are going to receive in matters of counsel or correction? There is none, of course. In maintaining these sites, I will inevitably have to make some decisions, and I pray for God's wisdom there. I also plan to keep a FOLDER containing all the recent mail I have received, in a "time lock". That means I don't have the option to delete things, and claim they were never sent, etc. I believe everything, at least for a 3 week period of time, should be kept, in case a dispute arises re: whether or not something should be posted. (For those who haven't followed, groups like are currently over run by satanists. Don't allow your children to even read the headers! Thus, I assume such things will be attempted against this site.) In such an event, I will publicly defend the reason I withheld information from the public forum. If I am wrong, I'll hopefully repent. Otherwise, this site won't be of much use, and I pray someone else will take over! But I don't plan to withhold ANYTHING unless it is obviously bent on something other than building up the body of Christ. -Bob

Statement of personal accountability

            I, Bob Weigel, belong to everyone who loves the Lord Jesus Christ. I am accountable to them. Because of this, I'm fit to represent them. We must talk to one another, or the spirit is not in us, and we become gossips.  Anyone who claims or suggests things that are demeaning to a brother or sister does not do so by the spirit.  Rather everything must be established in matters of sin by witnesses, and if a person will receive correction and be built up, they are NOT to be regarded as brothers and sisters but as heathen.
            One may look at the church and say "they are divided", but here, there will be no division, except as led by the spirit of God himself. The bible clearly says that "if anything remain in disagreement regarding the things pertaining to our salvation, it will be made clear in time. But we are not to be given over to disputing divisive things. " (Things which people argue in order to gain something in their own way of thinking, rather than lifting up God.) I know of nothing, in all my years of reasoning with people, that can in and of itself CAUSE a division. If two or more grammatically acceptable interpretations exist for a scripture, when read in context with the entire bible, we should not say that the person favoring the alternative one is not of the body....nor should we dispute with them.
            It is therefore God's will that the church be one. Indeed it shall be one. No denominational barriers need divide the people of God. No one truly being a servant of God would set up and maintain such boundaries. It is common knowledge that most groups here tend to work exclusively with those within their walls. If a man of God, like Paul, came into your church, how would he be received? Paul, a man with NO credentials from THAT denomination! A man who probably doesn't dress extremely well; being cast in and out of prison on a regular basis. Yes, my question to you: How would that man be received? A man who saw miracles, preached powerful sermons that changed lives, and spoke of a church where "each one looks after their own needs".
            I'll bet I know where Paul would wind up today.  He'd be considered a hardship case, and not one to call in regard to "serious ministry needs".  When he speaks to people about working together in the workings of God's kingdom, they would often let the church secretary become an impenetrable boundary between them.  He'd be told "just start coming to our fellowship and prove that you want to be part of where we're going and we'll put you to work!"
            You see, I know these things.  Because I've been a Paul to this generation.  I was the good church boy who was asked to be part of the board late in High School.  I was considered a person who would be a leader in developing new technologies; the God of this era.  And I had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, and he turned out to be someone very different from the person I was taught about.  Then I began to try to follow him, and he led me across a lot of other people's toes.  Don't ask me what their feet were doing stretched across the path down which God leads his servants.  But there they were!
            It is the objective of this servant to challenge those who oppress those who would come before God. I have the right to do this, because I'm simply a servant of Jesus Christ. I want to see HIS name exalted above every label in this world. Maybe that's why I'm the first person to start this sort of page.. If someone else wants to do the same thing, that's fine. Let's just communicate, because if Jesus Christ is truly our head, we, the body, need to. If I am perceived to teach something apostate, please interact with me. I will privately, and if you so desire, publicly defend OR alter any position I take. I try not to take positions I'm in the least unsure about, but we are all human. It is the fact that I remain open to reasoning with anyone who will reason, that makes me less prone to error than groups which adopt a dogma based on the writings of some man and hold to it as their creed, I believe. Truth is a good thing. It sets us free. Without truth there is bondage and death.

Ministry Opportunities

     Each of us should have a specific direction from the Holy Spirit. But it is also a good the to "spur one another on to good works in Christ". That is the purpose of this portion of the page.


    Who are the least of these?  What you do to them, you do to Jesus.  He is the high priest, and as priests in his kingdom, we are to tithe TO HIM!  It may be that you are very tightly working with people in a congregation and you are very confident that your funds are being used to serve the least of these.  Very good.  Many people actually seem to resent the suggestion that we should personally oversee the administration of our resources.  The bible tells us that those who follow Christ are priests, ministering day and night in his house.  (1 Peter 2)  We are to offer up "spiritual sacrifices".  All we have is his.  

    Bear this in mind as you come before the Lord asking what you should do.  We do not want to see our "good works" fall to the ground, do we?  Then let's not let anyone else take charge of our personally priestly duty before the Lord.

Eugene specific things:

Out of the Wilderness, a ministry headed by Dale and Pam Kesey, can always use help. Their purpose is to disciple those who would like to leave behind this world for Christ. Check out the Thursday night bible study and come get a hot meal! Dale or Pam at 541-338-0789

Food ministries need volunteers! Call Cat Amber at 689-0416

Bozeman specific things:

Volunteers for "Bread of Life" ministries are always appreciated.  Call George Morales at 406-587-2345
They distribute clothing and food to those in need.


Continue lifting up Mike Plumb and his back problems.
Larry Hendrickson also in that area, and with blood pressure fluxuations, and his wife Debbie also why physical problems.


World WIDE Church

WEB Links to other useful sites! Let me know if there is anything I should add here. -Bob

Freedom Sing, a ministry aimed at assembling the body in truth.
Lyric Workshop
Intra-Varisity Christian Fellowship
Campus Crusade for Christ
Signs in the Heavens


Pray that this portion of the page can be filled with activity soon. Our purpose here is not to simply create an impresonal "hand out" machine. Rather, we would like to be able to list REAL PEOPLE who can discern whether or not they should use their resources to help people who might call. This is our priestly duty. But WOE to us, if we who have something to share do not make it known to those in need. WOE to those who create a place for themselves FAR from the pain of those all around us. We do not want to come between God's hand, which often declares famine on people, or nations. But we do want to be sensetive, and obey Jesus who said "Do not turn away from the one in need". How many of us have "turned away" by locating, building fences, etc.?


"The earth is the Lord's and everything that's in it" Psalm 24:1 If we have need it is fitting to ask. The Lord often works in the lives of humans by proclaiming times of famine. But also, his servants often suffer that the rich might be challenged to learn to share what they have been given. WOE to those who judge others and divide on the basis of financial status, YET WOE ALSO to those who fail to discern how to be a good steward of what they have been given. In the body of Christ, there is a desire to have equality rather than superiority. Yet there is also a desire to counsel with each other in the wisdom of God. Those who wish to simply extract funds from God's people will be confronted with the fact that a hand of love reached out, and they tried only to snatch what might be in it and then pull away from it's grasp. I pray these words speak to you, whatever your situation might be. But love is more than talk.

Missionary Listings

China Focus- P.O. Box 40384 Spokane, WA 99202 509-456-0050   /Jim Bettin

Larry & Debbie Hendrickson- Fort Rock, OR (See Freedomsing Ministries)

Victory Outreach-541-686-8167  / Pastor Frank & Sylvia Loya

Sound Doctorin'- 316 Lindley Pl. #1,  Bozeman, MT  59715   / Bob Weigel