This company might be considered similar to Korg in a few ways. From the onset though they tried to provide a heavily feature ridden product to the lower end market. Synthmuseum has some good information here. Their early products, the ESQ1 and Mirage both made a huge impact on the market by making some cool features accessible to those who didn't have many thousands to toss into a piece of hardware.
      I'm not sure where the company went wrong, but they were similar to Alesis in their interfacing with outside technicians. Very hard to get any information to help with repairs from them. And near the same time, both companies filed chapter 11 and E-Mu bought out Ensoniq **(see below for more details of a sad/humorous interaction in the early 90's as an example of how crazy things can get in the industry..and hopefully an example NOT to follow for other companies.)
       Sad to see a company start off with such cool products and fall into that disarray. The VFX is another classic piece; one of the few boards with poly aftertouch and some great performance synth features. And many of their newer pieces are packed with innovative features for the dollar. I've never used their machines but those who do seem to think they excelled in the area of creating a user friendly interface compared to some other companies trying to accomplish similar things.
MANY PARTS are available from The Soniq


Mirage ESQ-1 SQ-80 EPS VFX EPS16+ SD-1 SQ-1/2/KS32 TS-10/12 ASR-10 KT76 Fizmo Halo

** Keyboard magazine ran a new product release for the 'soundscape card' back in '92. I inquired and intended to buy the card from Ensoniq on release. I still have the information in my files that they sent :-). They decided the card was bad for business in their sampler sales apparently. And they finally tipped me that they were just going to sell the chips to other venders after strange phone conversations where a guy acted like...I was some kind of SPY or something! Hehe.. One "kalix" promised much but then tried to rip off a bunch of people. I wrote a good letter to my Credi Card company and got a charge back right before their 800 number disconnected. A guy named Dean I still recall lied to me for months saying things like "NOOO they are setting RIGHT HERE READY TO SHIPPP! We JUST need to CHANGE THE MANUALS to keep from being sued by creative labs!!" apparently they scammed a bunch of others. Ensoniq had FULL KNOWLEDGE of their claims that this company had a "Strategic relationship" with them and Star, etc. The rep I spoke with admitted they were aware and that they were making these claims and not buying any chips even!!! But they didn't want to tell anyone he said, for fear of getting 'black balled' in the industry....! Oh gee...what integrity! Let people get deceived and say nothing! That kind of stuff really frosts me. What is it with the human race..oh..yeah that sin thing. :-)