Sound Doctorin' Ministry Networking

     This page is intended to link people together for ministry. I see a real loss in overall desire to work together in the harvest field in the church today. In fact...try walking into a church office some time and say "Hi, I'm just a fellow Christian looking for people to work with in the Lord's harvest field.". Unless you are someone who appears rich or are very good looking....I can almost guarantee you will be treated coldly and ignored.
     So the intent here is that after answering some questions to help me see that we are talking about the same gospel, I'd invite you to construct a profile page outlining dreams God is giving you, and ways that people can get a hold of you directly to encourage you in that or who knows! Even work with you in the harvest field! Yes it sounds risky I know. But perfect love casts out all fear. And if you are afraid to reveal your real address to people in an environment that is carefully guarded against predators like this one, then I am afraid you aren't going to be very effective at allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to anyone in the world to witness God's love to them. So you'd might as well throw in the towel now. :-)
     But rather...I exort you brothers and sisters. Let's be watchful for the spirit of the lord to move. Let's take time to read his word and pray together and alone. Let's not shrink back in fear in an out of control world. Let's rather go forth boldly to share the love of God. Knowing that he will in this work discipline in the lives of those who love him and NOT let them be snatched from his hand. I'll be working on the software to do forms and so on the next month probably on and off. Watch for this page to get much more interesting. In the mean time, take a shot at the questionnaire and email me your responses. Maybe we can talk about some of the answers if we disagree.

For example, Check this out. Is this basically the God you know? If not,let us reason together. Where does the bible say that there is any separation other than that which God orchestrated so that he could control the heavens at the same time he looks away from his spirit in the physical body of Jesus so that the prophecies and mechanism of salvation would be fulfilled? Some symbology from the Passover which might shed some light on how God uses the limitations of the physical realm to give us limited glimpses of aspects of himself.

Many times in the perceived Church we have a matter of sin arise. Here is a page that is the most efficient way I can think of to obey Jesus in Matthew 18:15's instruction list when things go the way they often go in this prideful generation. WHen other avenues are futile he said to treat them like a heathen

     Along with my old site that has some helpful arguments, I've started to put up some of my newer articles/arguments! In FACT my latest brainchild is this. If you have a BETTER argument, email me and if we can logically determine that yours is a better argument, I'll post yours! (Please make it worthwhile. Don't criticize me putting in a humorous statement that could have really been left out for instance, copy my article but delete that and try to get credit for it. :-))

Various topics of current interest:

Who is your Authority? Let's glance at Romans 13 together.

Shall I be yoked together with the world in my security?

How do you interpret "In the name of Jesus"? Click here for a very sound teaching.

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A letter to a Brother exposing the Contrast between Jesus' church and the one commonly seen in the world today.

Is God willing that NONE would perish? Evaluation of Romans 8.

Christians in Politics?

To hell, or not to hell, inspired by a conversation with an old friend.

The implementation of the mark of the beast.

Christian's perspective on Psychology

Creation and the Bible A statistical approach.

Kent Hovind appearance in Idaho. This is a hilarious and fantastic information source, revealing some of the absurd things in text books; some proven wrong over 100 years ago!

Peer Reviews and why we can't put our trust in man's wisdom. E.Coli study example.

Physics Forum Moderator "cristo" whines that I post non-mainstream arguments! Oh the HORROR of having to give someone a friendly reply outlining your problems with specific items.

And more statistical analysis confirmation of scripture.

A LITTLE INTERNET HISTORY! Who is Henry Spencer, besides the man who "preserved" the Usenet archives? A great example of how even in a seemingly 'free speech' environment, biased censorship can be a reality.

Argument someone saw fit to sabbotage on myspace :-)

Myspace response to someone posting my physical address all over. This is incredible.

Myspace "how to test to see if it's a person or machine" tutorial :-).

     Also, if you are a Christian Single, check out some hot tips that come from my experience in attempting to establish communication with some of the goofy sites out there. Believe it or not, I have found a pretty good one! But a lot to avoid also. Fraud is out of control on so many of these things. Christian Singles. Blessings in Christ, -Bob

Here is a letter where I do some calculations about Global Warming, hoax that it is.

And how about a video reinforcing why we shouldn't put our trust in man?