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This page is dedicated to those who seek true freedom.  A freedom that can
only be experienced when the spirit is free.  I pray that you will find that
freedom if you don't already know it.  There is a new life waiting for
all who will stop trying to earn it by their own merit.  Come walk it
with my brothers and sisters who choose to lay down their hopes in this
life, to gain vision that can save the life of another.  Look at these thoughts
and share your thoughts freely on them.
Choose the intertwined path you wish to venture.......
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      Please feel free to mail me with constructive input.  Remember, that unless we become as one of "these little ones", having the faith of a child, ....and the teachability, we are "living dead".  I pray that each one visits here might find new life, and the gift of a child's heart.  -Bob



Recent photos of general interest:

   New studio setup (~6/01)    Me standing in same   Grooves along the narrow path

           Gear I don't need right now.
News Brief

       Well, since nbci decided to destroy all home pages without notice, I am trying to set up my page again on my local server.  I'll have to just splat it up there today because I'm busy, but I'll update more later.  Hopefully there aren't too many dead links.  Unfortunately, I accidently double clicked the index file supplied by my prover, a blank, and it wrote it to my hard drive!!!  My only back up was from 1999!!
        By the way, I also found an error today.  One of my most popular references is the teaching about tithing.  For many many years this page has been on the internet and I've asked people to please give me feedback.  I've had some friends note spelling errors and stuff, but I'm amazed with so MANY who have been completely unaware of things I've mentioned regarding this how few have followed up to be Bereans.  I mean...I'm talking one chapter of the bible here and not a very long one really.  Numbers 16 was referred to as containing something about the priests duty to tithe to the high priest of the tithes he receives.  That is in Numbers 18 actually.  16 is about the rebellious fellows offering strange offering of fire before the Lord and getting smoshed.  Rather discouraging to think that so few people really follow up and check things out.  No WONDER there are so many confused people in this world eh?  You learn to discern or get burned. -Bob